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Alexander Quarles Holladay Medal for Excellence

Nomination Deadline: Wednesday, November 13, 2024


At its April 24, 1992 meeting, The Board of Trustees of North Carolina State University established a new award to honor faculty whose careers demonstrated a dedication to excellence.  The award, known as the Alexander Quarles Holladay Medal for Excellence was named in honor of Alexander Quarles Holladay, NC State’s first Professor of History and its first President.

Intended to be the highest faculty award at NC State, the Holladay Medal for Excellence recognizes members of the faculty whose careers have demonstrated outstanding achievement and sustained impact in research, teaching, or extension and engagement.  The NC State Board of Trustees reviews nominations that are selected by its University Affairs Committee in consultation with the Holladay Medal for Excellence Nomination Committee and the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost.  The Board of Trustees may then select from zero to five recipients in any given year.

Criteria and Eligibility

To be considered for the Holladay Medal, the nominee must be:

  • full-time faculty
  • employed at NC State University at least ten years
  • faculty whose career demonstrates excellence, *high achievement, and sustained impact within the university and beyond its borders.”

NC State’s Policy 01.30.1 Holladay Medal for Excellence.

Recognition and Award

The recipient or recipients will be recognized and presented with an engraved medal and a framed certificate at the Celebration of Faculty Excellence (CFE).  The NC State Memorial Belltower is lighted red in recognition of all honorees of the CFE.  Recipients will also be recognized at spring Commencement and publicized in NC State media.


A nomination may be resubmitted for the next award cycle if the nominee has not been selected as a recipient of this award. Renominations are not automatic. They must be resubmitted with updates that reflect the current year of nomination, confirmation of continued support from the writers of support letters, and any information regarding awards, accolades, projects, publications, or other activities completed after the submission of last year’s nominations.

Nomination and Submission Guidelines

Nomination Submission Deadline
Wednesday, November 13, 2024

Nomination Package Submission Process

  • Nomination Package Required Contents
  • Completed nomination form*
    *Please make sure the nomination form includes current dates and that all appropriate administrative signatures have been obtained.
  • Narrative describing career excellence in teaching, research, and/or outreach and service, and the impact these achievements have had on the university. Limit 5 pages
  • Letters of support from at least three (3) references knowledgeable of the nominee’s achievements and able to render expert evaluation. At least one such letter should be from someone not currently a member of the NC State University faculty, administration, staff, or student body. Limit 2 pages for each letter
  • Copies or samples of the nominee’s work, reviews, newspaper or magazine articles, or other supporting documentation of the nominee’s outstanding achievements may be submitted.  Limit 20 pages
  • CV or Dossier.  Limit 25 pages
  • One jpg file of a color photograph suitable for publication by the UNC System.
  • one-page summary document describing the nominee’s commitment to career excellence and outstanding achievement in teaching, research, or extension and engagement, including awards and honors. When creating this document, please adhere to the guidelines for the review packet for the Board of Trustees.
    Note: Since this summary will be included in the Board of Trustees’ Review Packet, please make sure it is written in a concise, readable, and well thought out manner which can be understood by non-faculty reviewers.  

Nomination Package Submission Process

  • Submit separate PDF files for the nomination components listed above.
  • Please submit all PDF files comprising each submission package at the same time.
  • Submit nominations by email attachment to Internal Faculty Awards Coordinator, Sherry Bailey, at by Wednesday, November 13.

NOTE: Each college determines its own deadline for submissions to its college-level review committee to allow time for review and submission to the university-level review committee.  Contact your college’s Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for the college review committee schedule.

Administrative Advisory Committee

Decisions about recommendations for the Holladay Medal will be considered on the strength of the documentation that illustrates the nominee’s commitment to excellence and outstanding achievement and not on the basis of an individual’s general reputation among the faculty.

Administrative Advisory Committee

  • One current NC State faculty member who is a past recipient of the Holladay Medal for Excellence
  • One current NC State faculty member who is a past recipient of the Outstanding Teacher Award
  • One current NC State faculty member who is a past recipient of the Outstanding Faculty Engaged in Extension Award
  • One current NC State faculty member who is a past recipient of the Alumni Outstanding Research Award
  • Chair of the Faculty, or designee
  • President of the Student Body, or designee
  • President of the Graduate Student Association or designee
  • Chair of the Staff Senate, or designee.

The Provost may include other members to ensure a broad representation of the university academic community and may reappoint committee members to assure continuity.

The nomination committee will review nominations in consultation with the Provost and Chair of the Faculty and may submit up to ten (10) nominations to the Chancellor for review and submission to the University Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees which reviews the nominations and recommends awards to the Board of Trustees as prescribed in NC State’s Policy 01.30.1 Holladay Medal for Excellence.

The Holladay Medal Administrative Advisory Committee meeting is TBD