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Welcome to The Paper Trail!

By Maria Gallardo-Williams

From the team that has been bringing you the award-winning SPARK Summer Professional Development programs for the last five years comes our newest offering: The Paper Trail!

The Paper Trail is an intensive, five-week asynchronous professional development program crafted to empower academics in maximizing the impact of their projects through comprehensive publication strategies. Throughout the duration of the program, participants will delve into every facet of the publication cycle, from the inception of a project to its dissemination across various channels. 

Empowered with expert guidance, participants engage in  the process of transforming their research endeavors into tangible outcomes, including journal articles, book chapters, and strategic social media promotion. 

By equipping scholars with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the publication landscape effectively, “The Paper Trail” ensures that each project reaches its fullest potential in terms of scholarly contribution and broader dissemination.

What Will Come Your Way

Every Wednesday during the month of July you will receive a media package by email. Each package will cover one of the topics in the publication cycle. In the package you will find a link to a podcast featuring our guest for the week, a transcript of the podcast, and an article where we explore the subject of the week, complete with main lessons, strategies, and takeaways. You can also expect some relevant printable content every week.  All of these materials will also be posted on the Summer SPARK webpage.

How You Can Engage with the Content

You get to decide how you want to engage with our content. Perhaps you prefer to listen to the podcast first, then take a look at our written materials. If you would rather read than listen, you might enjoy perusing the transcript. If you want to engage with other participants, we will be on X and Linkedin using #NCStatePaperTrail and we would love to hear from you. If you know of a colleague who might be interested in a particular topic, or you want to have a local discussion group, please share!

Interested? Sign up here!

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