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About OFE

In 2021, the Office of Faculty Affairs and the Office of Faculty Development merged to create the Office for Faculty Excellence. The two offices have worked closely together for many years, and this merger formalized and strengthened that relationship. Regardless of what the department name is, we will continue to provide the same high quality services for which faculty have come to expect from the Offices of Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development.

The Office of Faculty Development (OFD) aims to connect all faculty members to vital information and resources while providing the knowledge and skills needed to grow, excel, and succeed in all realms of faculty responsibility. We strive to provide resources for all faculty members on campus, regardless of their discipline or tenure status.

OFD offers a wide variety of programming, including workshops on topics pertinent to faculty success. Additionally, OFD offers reading circles, small groups that provide colleagues the opportunity to share ideas about teaching and learning in an informal setting with peers from across the university. For participants looking for a more intensive experience, OFD offers the Certificate of Reflective Teaching Program, the Faculty Communities, and Community Engaged Faculty Fellows. OFD also facilitates several faculty recognition programs, including the Thank a Teacher Program and the University Teaching Awards.

The Office of Faculty Affairs provides support for the implementation and review of all policies related to faculty appointment, reappointment, promotion and tenure, and other policies such as scholarly reassignment, post-tenure review, phased retirement and more. OFA also conducts workshops and provides consultation services to colleges, departments, and faculty related to on any policies and procedures that affect faculty.

OFA also coordinates both internal and external faculty award processes, including the Board of Governors Award for Excellence in Teaching, the University Teaching Awards, and the review process for selection of University Faculty Scholars and Professors of Distinction. Plus, the office organizes New Faculty Orientation and the Thank a Teacher program.

Both OFA and OFD have helped NC State faculty in professional development for more than 10 years. The combined offices aim to provide support and guidance to all NC State faculty, fostering and facilitating professional success and growth.