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CWSP Events

  • Regular workshops, engagements, and development sessions will cover various topics such as assignment design, assessment strategies, incorporation of technology, and build into three major categories: “Back to Basics,” “AI and Digital WCEC,” and “Multiliteracies across the Disciplines.” Guest speakers from NC State, as well as nationally and internationally recognized experts will come to campus each year.
    • Faculty Engagement Sessions
      • The teaching of writing and speaking across the disciplines is way of understanding meaning making in different social, cultural, and disciplinary contexts. These engagement sessions focus on an inclusive understanding of disciplinary meaning making that promotes linguistic diversity, multiple modalities, and the productive differences in patterns of meaning from one context to another
    • Back to Basics
      • The Campus Writing and Speaking Program offers Back to Basics workshops for all faculty and instructors at NC State. Back to Basics workshops are focused on the essentials of teaching written, oral, and digital communication within and across each discipline.

The Campus Writing and Speaking Program hosts a semester-long faculty seminar focused on honing oral and written literacy (HOWL). HOWL gives participating faculty the opportunity to workshop a course that is enriched by written, oral, or digital student activities. Participants receive an $800 mini-grant.

Coming Fall 2024. WOLF: Written and Oral Literacy Facilitation is a WSEC (Writing and Speaking Enriched Curriculum) certificate program in which departments work with CWSP Co-Directors to develop an undergraduate Writing and Speaking Curriculum Plan (WSCP) in writing and speaking enriched curriculum. Capped at five departments per year, this program engages participating departments in a comprehensive curriculum and assessment plan to build student success in writing and speaking. Department participants meet with the Co-Directors and department committees once a month for a year. Participating department faculty (CWSP Liaisons) will receive a mini-grant of $1000 at the conclusion of the program based on course and assessment plan deliverables, and a poster session at the annual OFE conference.