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Mission and Values

The Office for Faculty Excellence provides support and guidance to all NC State faculty, as we foster and facilitate professional success and growth. We provide critical resources at all stages of a faculty member’s career, this includes enhancing faculty skills and practices through professional development programming, coordinating campus-wide development resources, providing support for the implementation and review of policies related to faculty employment and advancement, assisting faculty as they pursue honorific awards and celebrating faculty success through special events.

The Office for Faculty Excellence is guided by the following values:

  • High Standards: We hold ourselves and all NC State faculty to high standards, believing that growth is an ongoing and worthy process. We promote excellence through the curious and creative pursuit of development through continuous improvement. We use on-going evaluation processes to re-envision our efforts and continue to evolve to best serve NC State faculty.
  • Community Building: We believe that collaboration and partnership are key to building inclusive and equitable communities. Strengthened by input and feedback from our partners, both inside and outside the university, we collaborate to develop programming that welcomes all faculty.
  • Innovation: We are committed to finding and applying new ideas and best practices in teaching, learning and academic leadership, informed by research and in support of the needs of our diverse faculty and students. We approach our work in policy and recognition with an equal commitment to creativity, inventiveness, and above all sound practice.
  • Transparency: We are committed to openness and transparency as well as to shared governance. In all of our interactions and partnerships across campus, we aim to provide clarity and consistency.
  • Culture of Recognition: We promote a culture of recognition and celebration that increases visibility for our faculty, promotes department and university strengths, and celebrates our collective achievements.

We anchor all of these pursuits in NC State’s land grant mission.