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Why You Need ORCID and Citation Index 

By Kristy Borda, Research Librarian for Sciences, Engineering, & Biotechnology

Have you ever tried to find all of the publications by your favorite researcher only to discover that they’ve published under various versions of their name? Do you have a common name and find yourself getting mixed up with others? Are you worried about what would happen to your scholarly record if you changed your name? Do you wish that you had one single profile that brought together all of your academic appointments, grants, publications, and presentations? ORCID is your solution!

An ORCiD iD is the one number that every researcher needs – it’s a unique identifier for your scholarly identity, comparable to a social security number or an ISBN. Your ORCID profile contains a record of your work that can be reused across systems (like the biographical sketch program SciENcv). ORCID iD’s are also increasingly required by journals and by federal funders, who consider it the identifier of choice. ORCID’s goal is for you to “enter once, reuse often”, reducing the number of times you need to enter and re-enter your scholarly works by integrating with many other systems.

Filling out an academic profile with all of your prior publications can be a time-consuming and tedious task – the good news with ORCID is that the libraries will do that work for you! If you connect your ORCID account to the Libraries’ Citation Index, you unlock our CV Service. Through the CV Service you can send us a copy of your CV and we’ll add everything with a DOI to your ORCID profile without you having to do a thing! We’ll also help you easily bulk upload anything without a DOI to your ORCID profile using a single file. 

The CV service isn’t only the benefit you unlock through connecting your ORCID iD to the Citation Index. You’ll also be able to: 

Get started today by connecting your ORCID iD to the Libraries’ Citation Index to unlock our CV Service and other benefits! 

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