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Preparing for your Course

Effective teaching depends a lot on effectively designing a course. Systematically designing a course helps you keep the learning goals in mind as you structure the course, determine content, and plan assessment and teaching strategies so that student learning can occur and be measured.

We have arranged resources for you to use, while designing or redesigning a course, (or parts of it) into several categories.

Analyzing Learning Context

  • Departmental Curriculum and Mandates
  • Potential Students
  • Class Enrollment
  • Course Setting

Determining Instructional Goals and Learning Objectives

  • Instructional Goals
  • Student Learning Objectives
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy and Outcome levels

Determining Course Content

  • Course Topics
  • Selecting Representations and Sources of Content
  • Sequencing and Organizing the Content

Assessing Student Learning

  • Aligning Assessment with Learning Objectives
  • Determining Assessment Tools
  • Examples of Assessment Tools

Selecting Teaching Strategies

  • Selecting Teaching Strategies
  • Examples of Teaching Strategies

Preparing your Syllabus

  • Engaging Students with Your Syllabus
  • Key Components
  • NC State Policies and Tools