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NC State SPARK: Summer Programs: Aspire, Renew, Kindle

NC State SPARK: Summer Programs: Aspire, Renew, Kindle is an asynchronous professional development offering for faculty, staff, and graduate students. 

These summer programs are a series of 4 email blasts, delivered weekly during the month of July,  designed to advance the professional development of our faculty, staff and graduate students during the summer months. Each week is designed to help the reader/listener to work through a different aspect of getting ready to go back in the fall by offering original content, journaling prompts, mini-podcasts with subject matter experts, and curated resources such as videos and readings that support the central theme of the week. 

Materials are developed to be accessed at your own pace, in your own time, and using your favorite device. 

July 2023: Summer of What If?


What to Expect…

Week 1: What if Research Was Your Main Focus?

Week 2: What if Leadership Was Your Main Focus?

Week 3: What if Service Was Your Main Focus?

Week 4: What if Teaching Was Your Main Focus?

July 2022: Idea Camp


Week 1: Idea generation

Week 2: Idea refinement

Week 3: Idea planning

Week 4: Idea implementation

July 2021: #Unplugged

Week 1: We are not OK, and that’s OK

Week 2: We are in the moment

Week 3: We can move forward

Week 4: We are ready