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CWSP Faculty Seminar

The Campus Writing and Speaking Program hosts a semester-long faculty seminar focused on honing oral and written literacy (HOWL). HOWL gives participating faculty the opportunity to workshop a course that is enriched by written, oral, or digital student activities.

HOWL will offer new perspectives and strategies for incorporating writing and speaking into courses, with a focus on designing effective informal and formal assignments, supporting students through the composing process, and responding to and evaluating writing and speaking enriched assignments. All meetings will encourage ideas to be exchanged in open discussion and breakouts. Participants attend the sessions, read brief scenarios, work on their chosen courses between meetings, and briefly discuss their ideas and revisions with the group. Participants also agree to prepare a brief report of the changes they have made to their chosen course as a result of the seminar, with optional participation in the NC State Conference on Faculty Excellence.

CWSP Seeks Applications for Faculty Participants

  • Faculty are encouraged to self-nominate and can sign up through REPORTER
  • The seminar will meet in person every two weeks for a two-hour session to learn strategies and exchange ideas. Applicants must be available to attend 7 alternate-week meetings. Please note that missing two or more meetings will forfeit the stipend, but participants may continue to attend.
  • Sessions will take place on alternate Wednesday mornings starting February 7th in Clark Hall 405, excluding campus, state, or national holidays. 

The seminar is limited to 15 participants on a first come first serve basis but will be available every semester. Full-time faculty in all ranks and positions are invited. 

  • Each faculty participant will receive an $800 mini-grant at the conclusion of the seminar. 
  • The course to be improved should be offered at least once every two years. Participants do not have to be teaching the course while enrolled in the seminar. Graduate courses are also eligible.