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College RPT Committee member

As an NC State faculty member, you should be familiar with the Appointment, Reappointment, Promotion and Permanent Tenure Policy. This document resides in the university’s Policies, Regulations and Rules (PRR) system. It can be accessed in that system or from the Provost’s web site under Promotion and Tenure. 

This policy describes the procedures at NC State by which decisions are made concerning appointment, reappointment (term for a 1st term Assistant Professor to 2nd term Assistant Professor), promotion, and conferral of permanent tenure. 

The remainder of this guide will not address initial appointments, but

  • reappointment to Assistant Professor 2nd Term
  • promotion to Associate Professor with conferral of tenure
  • conferral of tenure to an Associate Professor (hired at this rank without tenure from outside NC State)
  • promotion from Associate Professor to Professor

Refresh your understanding of the Statement of Faculty Responsibilities and the standards and procedures documented in your College RPT Rule and Department RPT Rules for departments from which faculty will be reviewed. Take particular note of your role in the Written Assessments, Recommendations and Responses in RPT. You should focus on your college RPT standards and procedures. You should also address the degree to which it is clear that the department review maintained relevance to departmental standards and procedures. The committee’s written assessment must reflect the complete range of observations expressed about the quality and impact of the faculty member’s accomplishments, both positive and negative. 

The written assessment must follow the RPT Dossier Format outline, i.e. record the section header number and name followed by the assessment. It is not to be in memorandum format, i.e., a memo addressed to an individual or group.

The college committee must not vote on an incomplete dossier. It should be returned to the Dean to be completed prior to any discussion and vote.

College committees are encouraged to acknowledge in their assessments any additional input or corrections that are provided in a candidate’s optional response to the department level review if the committee deems it appropriate and relevant to promotion/tenure standards.

In addition to the things mentioned above, FAQs are designed to help answer your questions. However, these may not meet all your needs, so make sure you know your college’s administrative support person for RPT. Along with your Dean, this person should be your first contact for questions for which you cannot find answers on the web site.

The Provost’s Office holds sessions to provide information about the RPT process.  You are very welcome to attend one of these sessions.  Your college may offer similar sessions.