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Department or college RPT liaison

As a department or college contact/processor, you should be familiar with the Appointment, Reappointment, Promotion and Permanent Tenure Policy.  This document resides in the university’s Policies, Regulations and Rules (PRR) system. It can be accessed in that system or from the Provost’s web site under Promotion and Tenure

This policy describes the procedures at NC State by which decisions are made concerning appointment, reappointment (term for a 1st term Assistant Professor to 2nd term Assistant Professor), promotion, and conferral of permanent tenure. 

Each year when you receive the list of mandatory review cases from the Office of the Provost, you should verify that everyone who must be reviewed is listed on the College Summary Page. You should verify with your Department Heads that those listed include all who must be reviewed, and also those they would like to add for review, e.g., early promotion and tenure cases and promotions to Professor. 

You should verify the mandatory cases that must be reviewed (see Mandatory Reviews). 

You are responsible for assisting Department Heads as faculty go through the process. Assist them in getting adequate information and training on the process. The Provost’s website has all the information that should be needed, but they should also be encouraged to attend university, college or department information sessions about RPT. You will receive an email notification of the University sessions, which are also announced via the website. Make sure you know your college’s submission deadline so you can schedule your departmental process accordingly. 

In particular, check the dossier cover page carefully. All applicable information should be on that page. If changes are made, those changes must be reported to the Office of the Provost.

Instructions for assisting faculty members developing their dossier are particularly important. Your Department Head or Dean will let you know the aspects that you should handle. In general, either the Head/Dean or you as their designee should make sure the faculty members start well ahead of your departmental submission date so they have time to edit several iterations with feedback from the Department Head, other mentors, and/or you. Help them when appropriate as they work through the instructions to building their dossier. When the dossier is turned in, review the document to make sure the guidelines have been followed and that it is complete. If not, you should return the dossier to the Department Head to make the appropriate changes.

In addition to the items mentioned above, FAQs are designed to help answer your questions. However, these may not meet all your needs. If you are the department coordinator, make sure you know your college’s administrative support person for RPT. This person should be your first contact for questions for which you cannot find answers on the web site.

Finally, submit the dossier (with the external letters, DVF written assessment and vote, Department Head’s recommendation, and optional candidate response, if received) to the Dean. The Dean’s Office liaison will review each dossier before submitting it to the Dean for his/her assessment and recommendation. The signature of the Department Head and Dean verifies that the contents and format of the dossier are original and in compliance with the Academic Tenure Policy, University regulations, and college and department rules.