Provost Warwick Arden congratulates the new graduates.


The Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost drives our “Think and Do” approach to world-class academics.

High-Impact Intellect

For more than a decade, I have been proud to provide leadership at a university that places faculty and students at the forefront of academic innovation.

Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost
Warwick A. Arden

Provost Warwick A. Arden leads the academic growth of NC State’s faculty and students. Since becoming provost in 2010, he has increased access to the Provost’s Office through both communications transparency and technology.

His data-driven approach does more than show what works for the university. It develops scholar leaders driving North Carolina’s economic, societal and intellectual prosperity.

The provost also strengthens NC State by executing leadership searches and developing interdisciplinary academic programs. He supports the university’s academic reputation through collaboration with Chancellor Randy Woodson, the Board of Trustees, and the University of North Carolina General Administration and Board of Governors.

The Provost’s Office has always been the heart of NC State’s academic community, and continues to grow through the proactive leadership of Provost Arden.

Provost Warwick Arden

Experience In Action

Dr. Warwick Arden fulfills two roles — executive vice chancellor and provost. Each helps ensure our continued academic excellence.

What’s A Provost?

A Collaborative Community

At NC State, we’re dedicated to excellent teaching, the creation and application of knowledge, and engagement with public and private partners. Our strategic plan drives our success in achieving this mission, with the Provost’s Office leading the way.

The strategic plan guides an allocation of resources that empowers leadership in all our 2,400 faculty and 37,000 students. From supporting outstanding faculty to growing our academic offerings, we think strategically and act with purpose.

We’re expanding the Chancellor’s Faculty Excellence Program to build upon NC State’s groundbreaking research efforts. Our University Faculty Scholars Program provides faculty a permanent increase to their base salary to support their academic endeavors.

We’re also advocating for student scholarship in and outside the classroom through innovative academic tools and resources. For example, we’ve recently created new undergraduate degree programs with an interdisciplinary focus. Our strategic initiatives, along with our all-encompassing academic leadership and support, promotes the collaboration that is essential to our success.

Investing In Excellence

Fulfilling the university’s mission involves much more than policy and procedure oversight. The Provost’s Office is the go-to resource and advocate for faculty, promoting initiatives that make NC State a higher education leader.

One way we strengthen the university is the recruitment and retention of tenured and tenure-track faculty. The endowment of new professorships and chair positions are key drivers in this effort.

We further faculty development by recruiting the nation’s best scholars and leaders to become college deans and senior administrators at NC State. We also connect faculty with academic support units focusing on global engagement, libraries, campus diversity and more. These efforts represent the Provost’s Office’s commitment to the faculty leading our extraordinary programs in learning and discovery.