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First Term Assistant Professor being considered for reappointment to second term Assistant Professor

As an NC State faculty member, you should be familiar with the Appointment, Reappointment, Promotion and Permanent Tenure Policy. This document resides in the university’s Policies, Regulations and Rules (PRR) system. It can also be accessed from the Provost’s web site under Promotion and Tenure. This policy describes the procedures by which decisions concerning reappointment (term used to describe an Assistant Professor 1st Term continuing to Assistant Professor 2nd Term) are made at NC State.

You should already have a Statement of Faculty Responsibilities as this document is to be completed in your first year at NC State. You should also fully understand the standards and procedures documented in your College RPT Rule and your Department RPT Rule.

Your mandatory review cycle date is determined by your contract end date. The Review Timeline Information might be helpful in confirming which RPT cycle you are mandated to use.  Reviews must be conducted so that the faculty member is notified of the decision no less than one year prior to the contract end date.

Building the required dossier can, at first, seem like a monumental task.  However, starting the building process immediately upon arrival at NC State or at least well in advance of the departmental submission date, will make the task much easier. Instructions, which include the REG 05.20.20 RPT Dossier Format Requirements (describes what you must do), a collection of optional and required formats on how to present certain dossier sections, and other regulations providing details about specific dossier components are provided on the Provost’s web site. Note that the development of the dossier is your responsibility, with assistance from your Department Head and other departmental mentors.

You will receive evaluative feedback, i.e., the Departmental Voting Faculty assessment and vote, department head assessment, college RPT committee assessment and vote and dean’s assessment and recommendation; at the conclusion of each respective stage.

The major difference in the dossier for reappointment from subsequent actions is that external evaluation letters are not required for reappointment. The major difference in the process for reappointment is that the Dean’s decision is final if positive. If the Dean’s  decision is negative, the case goes on to the Provost.

In addition to the items mentioned above, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are designed to help answer your questions. However, these may not meet all your needs, so make sure you know your department’s RPT liaison for the reappointment process. Along with your Department Head, the department RPT liaison should be your first contact for answers to questions you cannot find on the web site. You should also know the departmental submission date well in advance.

The Provost’s Office holds general informational sessions to provide information about the process. You should consider attending one of these sessions prior to going through the process. Your college and/or department may also offer a similar session for aspects specific to your college or department.