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Personnel Resources

Pertaining to Administrators

Faculty and Staff Involvement in Selecting Academic Leaders


Hiring Procedures Manual for Academic Personnel

Emeritus Status for Senior Academic and Administrative Officers

Supplemental Pay for EPA Employees

Pertaining to Faculty

Faculty Personnel Files

Documenting Compliance with SACS and University Qualifications for Teaching Assignments [docx]

Hiring and Retention

New Faculty Orientation

Employee Orientation

Performance Management and Review

Policies, Regulations and Rules, a Primer [doc]

Tenure Related

Retiring and Emeritus Faculty

Phased Retirement Program [REG 05.57.01]

Professors of Distinction

Scholarly Reassignment For Faculty – REG 05.20.24, the request form is available in the ‘Additional References’ section of this regulation

Summer Salary and Supplemental Pay for Nine Month Faculty

Supplemental Pay for EHRA Employees (includes 9-month faculty)