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Department Post-Tenure Review Committee Member


Your post-tenure review responsibilities are:

  • review your department’s post-tenure review submissions relative to your departmental and college standards, the faculty member’s SFR, and in some cases, a Performance Development Plan
  • meet and discuss cases
  • prepare written assessments
  • vote on an overall meets / does not meet determination for each comprehensive five-year post-tenure review

Background Information

As a tenured faculty and committee member, you should be familiar with the Post-Tenure Review of Faculty regulation.  The regulation resides in the university’s Policies, Regulations and Rules (PRR) system. It can also be accessed from the Provost’s Office web site under Annual and Post Tenure Review.  

You should also locate and be familiar with the standards and procedures documented in your department and college PTR rules. Refresh your understanding of the Statement of Faculty Responsibilities.


Your committee should expect to receive all required materials for each candidate undergoing a comprehensive five-year post-tenure review.  If your committee receives an incomplete set of post-tenure review materials for a five-year comprehensive post-tenure review, then seek your department head’s assistance for an explanation. Do not locate or assemble missing required materials on behalf of faculty undergoing review, as this may be viewed as unfair or as setting an undesirable precedent and expectation for future departmental PTR committees. Lack of required materials and unavailability of evidence for review may be sufficient cause to reasonably assess a faculty member does not meet expectations in one or more realms of responsibility or overall.

If your committee is assessing progress against a Performance Development Plan (PDP), then the required materials will differ from those submitted for five-year comprehensive reviews. These materials will vary based on the expectations of each plan. For a faculty member on a PDP, you should expect to receive materials that demonstrate their meeting, or progress towards meeting, the expectations of the PDP.


For a five-year comprehensive post-tenure review, your written assessments must address whether the faculty member meets or does not meet expectations in each realm of responsibility in the faculty member’s SFR.  Your written assessments must also make an overall assessment of whether the faculty member’s performance meets or does not meet expectations. You will make this overall determination by simple majority vote. A tie is understood as meets expectations.

You can also recommend to the dean that a faculty member be considered as exceeding expectations.

Here is an optional template letter you can use to write your departmental committee assessments; it meets all requirements of the regulation.

Work with your departmental liaison to upload your assessment in the online tool. The faculty member under review will receive your committee assessment and the department head’s assessment at the same time.

If the department head disagrees with your committee’s overall assessment, then the dean will by default be in disagreement with one of your overall assessments. Such cases must go to your college PTR committee. In these cases, the dean will consult with your committee before completing the PTR assessment.

If your committee, department head and dean overall assessments are in agreement, then that post-tenure review is considered done. In these cases, the dean may or may not elect to consult with your committee before completing the PTR assessment.

When evaluating a faculty member on a Performance Development Plan, your written assessment must address whether the faculty member is making expected progress towards meeting the plan requirements and whether the faculty member has met the plan requirements. If the faculty member has made progress but has not yet met all requirements of the plan, then the assessment rendered should be does not meet expectations of the plan.

Work with your departmental liaison to upload your assessment in the online tool. If either your committee or the head reaches a conclusion of does not meet expectations, then the head will provide both assessments to the faculty member on the PDP, and the faculty member will have an opportunity to respond.

Required Training

 All evaluators in the post-tenure review process are required to complete training about post-tenure review in the UNC system and NC State processes in particular. You should complete this training prior to commencing your work on the departmental PTR committee. To complete the training in REPORTER, search and register for Course ID PRV-OFA-PTReview.

More Help  

In addition to the items mentioned above, Frequently Asked Questions are designed to help answer your questions. However, these may not meet all your needs, so make sure you know your department’s administrative support person for this process. Along with your Department Head, the administrative support person should be your first contact for answers to questions you cannot find on the web site.  

The Provost’s Office holds general informational sessions to provide information about the process. Consider attending one of these sessions prior to going through the process.  Your college and/or department may offer similar sessions.