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Your post-tenure review responsibilities are:

  • review all post-tenure review cases in your college, including faculty on Performance Development Plans (PDPs)
  • evaluate faculty performance relative to college and departmental standards and SFRs
  • consult with department PTR committees, department heads, or the college PTR committee (optional or required, depending on the circumstance)
  • prepare written assessments 
  • designate faculty as exceeding expectations
  • form and charge a college PTR committee, as needed, according to your college rule

Background Information

As a dean, you should be familiar with the Post-Tenure Review of Faculty regulation.  The regulation resides in the university’s Policies, Regulations and Rules (PRR) system. It can also be accessed from the Provost’s Office web site under Annual and Post-Tenure Review.  

You should also locate and be familiar with the standards and procedures documented in your department and college PTR rules.   Make sure your college PTR rule names any materials that every faculty member in the college is expected to include in addition to those materials required in the university regulation.  

Refresh your understanding of the Statement of Faculty Responsibilities.

Extensions and Exceptions

You will evaluate occasional requests from department heads to grant a faculty member with either a one-year extension (in compelling circumstances) or an exception from PTR (in the case of intent to retire, resign, or enter Phased Retirement). Provide written documentation of your decision for placement in the personnel file.

Materials and Process (5-Year Comprehensive)

For each five-year comprehensive post-tenure review, you will receive the required materials for post-tenure review, as well as the assessments of the departmental PTR committee and department head and any written response received from the faculty member.  

If your overall assessment is in agreement with both the departmental PTR committee and the department head, then that post-tenure review is considered done.

If your overall assessment will not be in agreement with either the departmental PTR committee or the department head, then you must consult with the department committee and with the department head before completing your assessment. These cases must go to your college PTR committee for review.  

After the college PTR committee has made its overall assessment, you will review it and make a second assessment.  If you agree with their assessment, then the review is considered done.  If you do not agree with the college committee assessment, then you will prepare all materials, including all assessments and the optional faculty response, to share with the Provost’s Office. We recommend providing the Provost with access to the materials via a shared and secure Google file.  

The Provost may ask to consult with you before making a determination. Once the Provost’s assessment, which is final, is complete, you can then delete the shared Google file.

Materials and Process (PDP)

When evaluating a faculty member annually against a PDP, the following scenarios are possible (✘ = does not meet expectations; ✔ = meets expectations). In the scenarios where the outcome is TBD by the dean, you will consult with the department head and the department PTR committee.

Table on Annual Evaluation of Faculty on Professional Development Plans - see link to Google Docs version of the table below the image.

View Google Docs version of table.

Assessments (Comprehensive 5-year Reviews)

Your written assessments only include an overall assessment of whether the faculty member’s performance meets or does not meet expectations.  You are not required in your assessments to make meets / does not meet determinations for each realm. 

You also decide, and will include in your assessment, whether a faculty member exceeds expectations. This designation will have been recommended to you by the departmental PTR committee, the department head, or both.

Here is an optional template letter you can use to write your assessments; the file contains two templates – one for the dean’s initial assessment, and one for the dean’s second assessment (where applicable). These templates meet all requirements of the regulation.

Assessments (PDP Reviews)

Your written assessments only include an overall assessment of whether the faculty member’s performance meets or does not meet expectations. You are not required in your assessments to comment on whether the faculty member is making expected progress towards meeting the plan. 

Required Training

All evaluators in the post-tenure review process are required to complete training about post-tenure review in the UNC system and NC State processes in particular. You should complete this training prior to commencing your role in the process. To complete the training in REPORTER, search and register for Course ID PRV-OFA-PTReview.

More Help  

In addition to the items mentioned above, Frequently Asked Questions are designed to help answer your questions. However, these may not meet all your needs. Along with your Department Heads, the college’s liaison for post-tenure review online should be your first contact for answers to questions you cannot find on the web site.

The Provost’s Office holds general informational sessions to provide information about the process. Consider attending one of these sessions prior to going through the process. Your college and/or department may offer similar sessions.