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Department or College PTR Liaison


Your post-tenure review responsibilities are:

  • assist department head/dean, committee members, and faculty undergoing review with process logistics, including use of the online tool for post-tenure review
  • Maintain and access accurate department/college records on dates for faculty PTRs and required training
  • provide department/college data for annual PTR reporting to the UNC System

Background Information

As a liaison, you should be familiar with the Post-Tenure Review of Faculty regulation.  This regulation describes the procedures for post-tenure review at NC State. The regulation resides in the university’s Policies, Regulations and Rules (PRR) system. It can also be accessed from the Provost’s Office web site under Annual and Post-Tenure Review.  

Locate and be familiar with the standards and procedures documented in relevant department and college PTR rules.   

You should also be familiar with and serve as a department/college resource for the online tools provided by the university for post-tenure review.  They are accessible in the same place as RPT Online. Submit bugs, issues or questions you encounter using the “Email help” function in the tool.


You are responsible for assisting the department head/dean, evaluators, and faculty through the process steps.  You may find the required training for all PTR evaluators to be a helpful overview. To complete the training in REPORTER, search and register for Course ID PRV-OFA-PTReview.

Make sure you know relevant department and/or college submission deadlines so you can help schedule timelines and processes accordingly.  

A department liaison should help the department head keep accurate records and schedules, including

  • which faculty are up for post-tenure review in a given year
  • which faculty have one-year extensions or have been granted exceptions
  • when peer evaluations of teaching were conducted or are due for each faculty member
  • who has completed, or needs to complete, the required PTR training (department committee, college committee, department head and dean)

Help the department head monitor the submission of required materials by faculty undergoing review. The online tool prompts the faculty member to upload each document required by the university, and a general space is provided to upload any additional requirements of the department or college. In the case of faculty on Performance Development Plans, the required materials will vary.

When the dean grants an exception or extension to a faculty member, work with the department head to ensure that documentation is included in that faculty member’s personnel file.

More Help  

In addition to the items mentioned above, Frequently Asked Questions are designed to help answer common questions from faculty, committees  and academic administrators.  

The Provost’s Office holds general informational sessions to provide information about the process. You should consider attending one of these sessions prior to going through the process.  Your college and/or department may offer similar sessions.