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Student Achievement Metrics

NC State identifies, evaluates, and publishes multiple student achievement metrics appropriate to our mission, student body, and programs.

Student Achievement Metrics in Wolfpack 2030

The following metrics – a subset of those identified for Goal 1 of NC State’s strategic plan, Wolfpack 2030: Powering the Extraordinary – serve as the university’s student achievement metrics:

With the exception of graduate student time to degree, these metrics align with IPEDS reporting standards and reflect commonly accepted performance indicators for which peer data are available. 

Each student achievement metric has a goal, or target level of performance. NC State strives to improve performance for each metric. As such, performance in the base year of the strategic plan is the minimum acceptable level of achievement, or threshold, for each metric.

NC State annually evaluates progress towards each metric and may, as warranted, adjust implementation plans and initiatives to drive performance.

Related Survey Data

NC State’s Goal 1 strategic plan metrics also include survey questions about student and alumni experiences, preparation, and satisfaction for which the university does not set numerical goals or targets. Rather, in these cases, the university generally seeks to improve performance over the duration of the strategic plan. 

Professional Licensure Exam Scores

Several academic programs at NC State encourage or require their students to participate in professional licensure exams relevant to their field and specific professions. This table [PDF] provides information about and results for NC State students completing licensure exams for several undergraduate programs and NC State’s professional program in the College of Veterinary Medicine, as listed below.

  • College of Engineering: Fundamentals of Engineering Exam
  • College of Education: PRAXIS
  • Poole College of Management: Accounting Licensing Exam
  • College of Veterinary Medicine: North American Veterinary Licensing Examination (NAVLE)

*SACSCOC Student Completion Indicator: NC State undergraduate six-year graduation rate. Disaggregated by: gender, race/ethnicity, and Pell status (IPEDS cohort: First-time, full-time degree seeking undergraduates who graduate from NC State)