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Faculty and Staff Involvement In Selecting Academic Leaders

Selection of a Dean, Senior Vice Provost or Vice Provost:

The Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, who is responsible for the appointments listed below, consults with appropriate individuals and groups, including the faculty and staff constituency directly affected, concerning the composition of the nomination committee.

  • Dean: The Provost consults with faculty and staff members from the college involved when filling the position of Dean. The Provost will seek input from leaders. At least one-third of the Nomination Committee will be comprised of faculty.
  • Senior Vice Provosts and Vice Provosts: The Provost shall include the Chair of the Faculty and possibly other faculty members as appropriate members of the group which reviews candidates for positions of Senior Vice Provost and Vice Provosts. The advice of the Faculty Senate will be obtained through the Chair of the Faculty.

The administrative official responsible for the appointments listed above will seek the assistance of the Nomination Committee to:

  • Provide suggestions concerning criteria and/or nominations for the position.
  • Review and evaluate applicants.
  • Recommend applicants for preliminary first-round interviews as appropriate.
  • Recommend finalists for on-campus interviews.
  • When candidates are brought to campus, help inform the faculty and staff and provide appropriate opportunities for participation in the interview process.
  • Provide feedback on the finalists.