NC State CIP Codes

What is a CIP Code?

The Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) provides a taxonomic scheme that supports the accurate tracking and reporting of fields of study and program completions activity.

(Download CIP Codes CSV File)

Degree Definitions
AAS – Associate of Applied Science MAT - Master of Arts in Teaching
B – Bachelors MBA - Master of Business Administration
BA – Bachelor of Arts MED - Master of Education
BARCH - Bachelor of Architecture MFA - Master of Fine Arts
BEDA - Bachelor of Environmental Design in Architecture MLA - Master of Arts in Liberal Studies
BS – Bachelor of Science MPA - Master of Public Administration
BSW - Bachelor of Social Work MR – Masters
DDES - Doctor of Design MS - Master of Science
DVM - Doctor of Veterinary Medicine MSA - Master of Science in Analytics
EDD - Doctor of Education MSW - Master of Social Work
MA - Master of Arts PHD - Doctor of Philosophy
MARCH - Master of Architecture