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Dr. Fashaad Crawford

Vice Provost for Assessment and Accreditation

Dr. Deanna Dannels

Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

LaTissa Davis

Executive Assistant to the Senior Vice Provost for Instructional Programs

Dr. Kathie Dello

Director, North Carolina State Climate Office

Dr. Rob Dunn

Senior Vice Provost for University Interdisciplinary Programs

Reva Dunn

Executive Assistant to the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

Dr. Myron Floyd

Dean, College of Natural Resources

Dr. Garey Fox

Dean, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Cari Furiness

Assistant Consortium Director, Southeast Climate Adaptation Science Center

Dr. Christopher Galik

Director, Sustainable Futures Initiative

Dr. Fred Gould

Executive Director, Genetics and Genomics Academy

Kimberly Grainger JD, MPH

Associate Vice Provost for Academic Personnel and Policy