Who to Contact

We’re here to assist in all matters handled by the Provost’s Office. If you have a specific question, please refer to the staff listing below.


Academic Planning Duane Larick or LaTissa Davis 919.515.2196 or 919.515.7575
Accreditation Fashaad Crawford or Mary Lelik 919.515.3062 or 919.515.6434
Assessment Fashaad Crawford or Carrie Zelna 919.515.3062 or 919.513.7153
Policies, Regulations and Rules Katharine Stewart 919.513.7741


Awards for Excellence Judy Austin 919.513.3636
Honorary Degrees Amy Jinnette 919.515.3123
Pride of the Wolfpack (Provost’s Office unit) Karen Acree 919.515.7582
University Faculty Scholars Katharine Stewart or Judy Austin 919.513.7741 or 919.513.3636
University Teaching Awards Katharine Stewart or Judy Austin 919.513.7741 or 919.513.3636

Chancellor’s Faculty Excellence Program

CFEP website management Marielle Pocan 919.515.1283
Hiring CFEP faculty Margery Overton or Duane Larick 919.515.5488 or 919.515.2196
Cluster coordination Margery Overton or Duane Larick 919.515.5488 or 919.515.2196


Committee on Committees Amy Jinnette or Donna Johnson 919.515.3123 or 919.513.0650
Tuition Review Advisory Committee Kelly Wick 919.515.7624
University Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees Amy Jinnette 919.515.3123
University Budget Advisory Committee Kelly Wick 919.515.7624
University Standing Committees Amy Jinnette or Donna Johnson 919.515.3123 or 919.513.0650


General Provost Office communications Marielle Pocan 919.515.1283
Website management Marielle Pocan 919.515.1283

Copyright Administration

Copyright and Digital Scholarship Center William Cross 919.513.2416

Deans’ Affairs

Council of Deans Kelly Wick 919.515.7624
Dean’s 5-year review Amy Jinnette 919.515.3123
Dean Searches Kelly Wick or Katie Perry 919.515.7624 or 919.515.9770

Events and Calendar Management

Breakfast with the Faculty, Chancellor and Provost Judy Austin 919.513.3636
Calendar for Provost Kelly Wick 919.515.7624
Calendar for Sr. Vice Provost for Academic Strategy and Resource Management LaTissa Davis 919.515.7575
Newly Tenured Faculty Reception Judy Austin 919.515.3636

Faculty Affairs

Department Heads’ Informational Meetings Katharine Stewart 919.513.7741
Office of Faculty Development Katharine Stewart 919.513.7741
New Faculty Orientation Katharine Stewart 919.513.7741

Faculty Personnel Issues

Counter Offers/Retentions Vicki Pennington 919.515.1148
Emeritus Status, Granting of Amy Jinnette 919.515.3123
Faculty Promotional Increases Vicki Pennington 919.515.1148
Non-Salary and Deferred Compensation (BOT Approval Required) Amy Jinnette 919.515.3123
Non-Salary and Deferred Compensation Vicki Pennington 919.515.1148
Post Tenure Review Katharine Stewart 919.513.7741
Professorships of Distinction Katie Perry or Katharine Stewart 919.515.9770 or 919.513.7741
(RPT) Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure policy Katharine Stewart 919.513.7741
(RPT) Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure process Amy Jinnette 919.515.3123
Spousal/Partner hires Vicki Pennington 919.515.1148
Startup requests Margery Overton 919.515.5488
Target of Opportunity hires Vicki Pennington 919.515.1148
Tenure clock extension Amy Jinnette 919.515.3123

Financial Affairs

(CITI) Campus Initiated Tuition Increase funds Vicki Pennington 919.515.1148
Budgets for the Provost’s Office Vicki Pennington 919.515.1148
Enrollment Growth Funding Vicki Pennington 919.515.1148
Financial Reports Vicki Pennington 919.515.1148
Legislative increases Vicki Pennington 919.515.1148
Provost reserves Vicki Pennington 919.515.1148
(UBO) University Business Officer for OUC 02 Vicki Pennington 919.515.1148
Year end carryover Vicki Pennington 919.515.1148

Human Resource Affairs

(SAR) Security Access Request Karen Acree 919.515.7582
Human Resources Actions for OUC 02 Karen Acree 919.515.7582
Human Resources Compensating Control Vicki Pennington 919.515.1148
Leave Records Karen Acree 919.515.7582
P-Card Reconciliation for OUC 02 Karen Acree 919.515.7582
Reimbursements for all Provost Direct Reports Karen Acree 919.515.7582
State Employees Combined Campaign (Provost’s Office unit) Karen Acree 919.515.7582
Travel Authorization and Reimbursements Karen Acree 919.515.7582

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan and Implementation Plan updates Margery Overton 919.515.5488
Strategic Plan website management Marielle Pocan 919.515.1283

Vice Provosts’ Affairs

Meeting of Vice Provosts Kelly Wick 919.515.7624
Vice Provosts’ 5-Year Reviews Amy Jinnette 919.515.3123