Department Head Advisory Committee

NC State’s Department Head Advisory Committee consists of one department head from each college. The committee’s purpose is to advise on how departmental leadership can be supported and enhanced in their administrative and faculty governance responsibilities. The committee provides advice to the Provost on all aspects of academic department operations, and the Provost may also request input on issues as needed.

Advisory Committee

  • Gene Bressler (DES)
  • Frank Buckless (PCOM) – CHAIR
  • Margaret Daub (CALS)
  • Myron Floyd (CNR)
  • Lizette Hardie (CVM)
  • Jeff Joines (TEX)
  • Vacant (COS)
  • Dan Monek (DASA)
  • Dan Stancil (ENG)
  • Kathy Trundle (EDU)
  • Ken Zagacki (CHASS)