Information about the rules for reappointment, promotion and tenure (RPT) in each college and department is available on the Policies, Rules and Regulations Web site at:

CollegeContactTel #Box #
CALSBecca Zuvich5-26417917
DASABret Smith5-97697301
DesignFran Golden5-83027701
EducationMary Morris5-59067801
EngineeringConnie Reno5-85217901
CHASSCrissy Williams Brown3-18288101
ManagementDonna Steinkogler5-55608614
Nat. Res.Vicki Hardee5-04758001
SciencesJamie Vrabel Barber5-25018201
TextilesAlicia Lecceardone3-75858301
Vet. Med.Lynn Burris3-62518401