Building Your Dossier

Required Letter for Soliciting External Evaluations

For the 2021-22 RPT cycle, department heads may use the traditional letter template below or the revised letter template. Departments must choose either the traditional template OR the revised template and use that template for all RPT candidates in the department for the 21-22 year.

For the 2022-23 RPT cycle, department heads will be required to use the revised letter template.



***Evaluator ***

Dear *********,

Our department would like to thank you for agreeing to provide a letter of evaluation for the ***promotion and/or tenure*** of Dr. ******** to the rank of ********. To aid us in rendering a fair and equitable promotion decision, we seek thoughtful evaluation of the quality of the contributions that this individual has made to the field.

Decisions regarding promotion and tenure include considerations beyond documented scholarly work. Accordingly, we ask that you do not include your judgment as to whether the proposed action should be taken. Rather, we seek your professional judgment on the quality, originality, and impact of Professor ********’s scholarly work. Specifically, we are interested in the following:

  1. Indicate briefly how long and in what capacity you have known or know of the candidate.
  2. The quality and significance of the professional publications in general and the most recent work in particular.
  3. The national reputation and standing relative to outstanding people in the same field at approximately the same stage of development.

Please find enclosed the relevant materials for review. We would like to request that you provide us with an evaluation by ***date***, or sooner if possible. While such a process is time-consuming, I am sure that you recognize the importance of this review for maintaining high standards in our profession. Your letter of evaluation will be maintained in a confidential file used in the review by faculty committees and academic administrators. However, under North Carolina law, such letters become part of the personnel file for the individual being reviewed and, accordingly, may be examined by the individual.

We would appreciate your also providing us with a one half page (or less) biographical sketch which will introduce you to reviewers at the university.

Thank you again for your generosity and for your professionalism in this matter. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.