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Nonmandatory Reviews

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Nonmandatory reviews are not triggered by a prescribed time. Nonmandatory review categories are:

Early Promotion and Conferral of Tenure: Early promotions and conferral of tenure of Assistant Professors are those cases for which the action is recommended at a time earlier than the required mandatory review. An explanation for the early action must be provided in the department head’s written recommendation and in the dean’s written recommendation. Having been the subject of a review for an early promotion or conferral of tenure decision will not be considered prejudicial relative to any subsequent mandatory review.

If an untenured Associate Professor is considered for tenure prior to the mandatory cycle, it will not be considered early.

Promotion to Professor: For candidates seeking promotion to professor who have been at the associate professor rank for an extended amount of time, a statement addressing the reason for submission of the dossier at this time is to be included in the department head’s and dean’s written recommendations (Sections VIII.B. and IX.B. respectively).

Promotion of Professional Faculty: see REG 05.20.34.