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Required Annotated Listing of External Evaluator

Each external evaluator was sent [insert list/brief description of materials sent, e.g., SME, current CV (or dossier), 5 selected samples of scholarship, etc.].

  1. Dr. James L. Cavernous, Harry Hanover Professor of Longitudinal Studies, University of Nord. Professor Cavernous is a leading scholar in the field of longitudinal studies. He has published more than 450 articles, which have arisen out of a research program funded at over $4.5M. After taking his doctorate at Milligan, he served at the University of Sud where he became the George Orwell Professor in 1984. He joined the University of Nord in 1989 as the Harry Hanover Professor and Head of the Department of Longitudinal Studies. He is a fellow of the American Institute of Longitudinal Studies. [Suggested by: head, candidate]
  2. Dr. Marge Inovera, Leftweise Professor of Lateral Studies, Jimson State University. Professor Inovera has been widely recognized as the leading scholar in the field of juxtaposition studies. She is the author of the leading text in the field and numerous scholarly and popular articles. She received her doctorate at Canton University and then served as a member of the faculty at Merimar Institute, serving as director of lateral studies from 1986 until 1992 when she became the Regents Distinguished Professor of Medial and Lateral Studies at Portown University. She joined Jimson in 1998. [Suggested by: candidate]
  3. Dr. Earl E. Byrd, professor and head, Department of Multilateral Studies, Massive State University. Professor Byrd is most widely known for his theories of cross lateral interactions, which have been recognized as the basis for policy development in this important area. His groundbreaking work brought him the acclaim of the prestigious OmniWide Award in 1999. He took his doctorate at Jovial University and served at Gotham State University and the University of Southern New England before coming to Massive State. [Suggested by: departmental voting faculty, head]
  4. Dr. Simon Eiz, professor of Orthogonal Studies and director of the Center for Continual Expansion, Excelsior University. Professor Eiz is widely known for his contributions to the understanding of asymptotic idea development. He has published four major treatises and more than 60 journal articles. After taking the doctorate in Classical Studies at MorLuster Institute, Professor Eiz served at Vandover University for 7 years before joining the faculty at Excelsior. [Suggested by head]
  5. Dr. Mary G. Oround, James Jones Professor and head of the Department of Bidirectional Ethics, University of Enterra. The acknowledged leading scholar of education in internal tension management, Professor Oround has published over 200 articles in a program funded at over $2M. In awarding her the Pullover Prize in 2000, the American Institute of Ethical Management noted her contributions as the seminal work defining teaching in the field. Following completion of doctoral studies at Ring University, Professor Oround served on the faculties of the Box Eastern University and Winchester Institute before joining Enterra in 1992. [Suggested by: candidate]