Standard Operating Procedures

Changing The Name Of An Academic Department Or Combining Departments

  • Department Head obtains approval from Dean to begin the process of seeking a Departmental name change; for combining departments, the Dean initiates the process.
  • Department or College contacts other academic departments in the same college or other colleges that might be affected. Concerns will be documented and carried forward.
  • Department Head/Dean proposes the change to Associate Deans for Academic Affairs from all colleges. Concerns will be documented and carried forward.
  • Department Head submits to Dean a letter recommending a name change and Dean submits the recommendation to Provost. For combining departments, Dean submits a letter to the Provost recommending the action.
  • The letter should include how the change will affect program or degree program names, CIP codes, etc. If no changes in degree programs, etc., will result from the department name change, that should also be noted in the letter. If the name change will affect the degrees or programs, the appropriate documentation and routing of those changes should be processed separately. Documentation of concerns will be included with this letter.
  • Provost presents to the following groups for their discussion/approval/information:
    • Faculty Senate (discussion)
    • Vice Provosts and other Provost direct reports (discussion)
    • Deans Council (approval)
    • Executive Officers (approval)
    • University Council (information)
  • Provost notifies the University Affairs Committee of BOT and UNC System Office.
  • Upon acknowledgement from UNC System Office, Provost notifies Vice Provosts, Deans, Department Heads, and Executive Officers that the name is officially changed.