Educational and Technology Fee

The Educational and Technology Fee (ETF) is used to fund specialized instructional supplies and services, information technology, and other equipment and services that are important to maintaining the academic experience for our students but are not covered by appropriated funds. The ETF also allows NC State to embrace emerging opportunities that differentiate the learning experience beyond what appropriated funding allows while remaining accountable to students, the university, and the state, for return on investments.

Below are guidelines for using ETF funds. We will soon be adding documentation on how the ETF is administered, on historical annual reports and documents, and all future communications relevant to the administration of the funds.

ETF Use Guidelines

ETF may not be used to pay faculty salaries. These salaries are covered through appropriated funds in the funding formula. ETF funds are not a replacement for department or college funds that support personnel or equipment not directly related to student educational activities.

Acceptable uses for ETF funding

  • Classroom technology
  • Student computing labs and facilities
  • WiFi and network connectivity that directly supports student learning and access
  • Software tied to the educational process that is directly used by students
  • Educational materials and supplies
  • Laboratory expenses, including equipment and specialized software that is used by students in their courses
  • Field trips and other experiential learning opportunities
  • Services that support student learning at the Departmental, College or University level, e.g., Disability Resources, tutoring, academic coaching, accessibility, IT support, and other academic enrichment programs directly tied to the academic success of students

Personnel expenses for employees who work with student educational programs and activities, to include IT staff, graduate assistants teaching laboratories or other educational activities. This does not include graduate assistants who are responsible for the class as the instructor of record.

If you have questions about how ETF funds can be used, contact Adrian Day at 919.515.1148 or