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Budget Procedures

We’ve created this page to provide you with the most current, relevant and helpful information. Below, we’ve included a few things that we hope you find useful.

Funding Priorities

The Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost continues to invest in NC State’s highest priorities. The financial resources available to allocate (appropriations, enrollment change, and campus initiated tuition increase) are extremely limited going forward and he has established guidelines to assign these limited resources for the following strategic priorities:

  • Student Success Initiatives
  • Recruiting Excellent Faculty
  • Retaining Excellent Faculty
  • Spousal/Partner Hires
  • Target of Opportunity Hires (Strategic Need)
  • Matching for Proposals/Special Requests

Funding requests are not considered official until they are put in writing via email to Provost Arden, Interim Vice Provost for Finance and Strategic Resource Management Meg Chester, and Provost’s Office Chief of Staff and Director of Projects and Planning Kelly Wick.

Leaves of Absence

When a faculty member is on a Scholarly Reassignment with partial or no pay, any lapsed salary and associated benefits will remain with the college. These funds cannot be committed to fund any activity, program, or position on a continuing basis.

Salary of a Tenured Faculty Member Who Moves Status to an Administrative Capacity and Returns to Faculty Status

A faculty member’s position, salary, and associated benefits remain with the college when a faculty member moves to central-level administration. The return to faculty status arrangements are described in POL 05.15.01, Section 3.1.2.