About the Provost’s Faculty Fellows Program

The Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost strives to create a culture of faculty excellence at NC State. The office grows its support through the Provost's Faculty Fellows Program, which provides faculty with academic leadership experiences in key administrative areas.

About the Program

The Provost’s Faculty Fellows Program allows talented faculty to explore academic leadership roles at the university’s highest levels. Current NC State faculty interested in learning more about academic affairs administration can hone their skills as faculty leaders through working closely with Provost’s Office staff on projects that are meaningful to them and the university.

The home departments of the faculty members selected as Faculty Fellows will be provided with 25 percent salary release funds to cover the time commitment required for participation. Fellowships may be for one or two semesters.

Applicants who are selected will first be asked to work with their potential mentors (as listed in their application) during the development phase of the program to finalize a project that will be conducted with the guidance of no more than two mentors. Mentors will be senior vice provosts or vice provosts, and project areas should be of mutual interest to the Fellow and mentor(s) and result in a specific product (or set of products) that contribute to or advance the work of the Provost’s Office relative to a goal or goals in NC State’s strategic plan. Fellows will be expected to meet regularly with their mentor or co-mentors. Mentors may also suggest the involvement of associate vice provosts in their area, depending on the nature of the Fellow’s project.

Fellows will also participate in two or three group meetings per semester. These meetings will convene the Fellows and mentors together and will provide additional leadership development content and opportunities for discussion with senior academic leaders. Additional optional leadership activities (self-assessments, lunchtime discussions of selected readings, etc.) will be offered occasionally.

Fellows will have the opportunity to shadow the provost in meetings or other activities that are relevant to the Fellows’ areas of interest or to their project area, and will have the opportunity to participate in individual leadership coaching conversations with select senior vice provosts or vice provosts if desired.

Potential Mentors

  • Mark Bernhard, Vice Provost for Continuing Education
  • Leslie Boney, Vice Provost for Outreach and Engagement, Director of the Institute for Emerging Issues
  • Peter Harries, Dean of the Graduate School
  • Louis Hunt, Senior Vice Provost for Enrollment Management and Services
  • Duane Larick, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Strategy and Resource Management and Provost’s Office Chief of Staff
  • Bailian Li, Senior Vice Provost for Global Engagement
  • Tom Miller, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Outreach and Entrepreneurship
  • Barbara Mulkey, Director of the Shelton Leadership Center
  • Margery Overton, Interim Senior Vice Provost for Institutional Research and Planning, and Vice Provost for Academic Strategy
  • Greg Raschke, Senior Vice Provost and Director of Libraries
  • Sheri Schwab, Interim Vice Provost for Institutional Equity and Diversity
  • Katharine Stewart, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs
  • Lisa Zapata, Interim Vice Chancellor for the Division of Academic and Student Affairs


Applicants must be full-time (.75 FTE or greater) faculty at the rank of associate or full professor in any track. Applicants should have a demonstrated interested in academic leadership at the department, college or university level. Applicants must have the written support of their department head and dean to apply, and must be willing to commit approximately 25 percent of their time over the course of the fellowship period to fellowship activities, including their project.


Fellows will be expected to:

  • Meet at least biweekly with their mentor(s);
  • Attend relevant meetings as identified in collaboration with their mentor(s);
  • Complete project deliverables on time;
  • Attend leadership cohort meetings with other Fellows to facilitate active co-learning among the cohort;
  • Participate in other optional leadership development opportunities as appropriate/desired;
  • Attend shadowing sessions with the provost, when appropriate; and
  • Be willing to provide feedback to the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs Katharine Stewart at the midpoint and end of the fellowship period.

2019 Details

Application Process

Applicants should submit a single file (Word, PDF, or Google Docs files are all acceptable) via email to Katharine Stewart by 5 p.m. on Friday, November 15, 2019. The application file should contain the following:

  • Contact information (name, title, department, email, phone);
  • Preference for one semester or two semesters as a fellow (Fall 2020 only, or Fall 2020 and Spring 2021);
  • Identification of possible or preferred mentors selected from the list above (select no more than four);
  • Description of potential project ideas that are of interest to the applicant;
  • Statement of career goals and interest in academic leadership (limited to one page);
  • Statement of previous formal and informal leadership experience (limited to one page); and
  • Brief letters from the department head and dean indicating support for the applicant’s participation in the program during the preferred semester(s), including acknowledgment that participation may require course release or temporary reassignment of other duties.

Program Timeline

  • Applications are due via email to Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs Katharine Stewart (kestewa4@ncsu.edu) by 5 p.m. on Friday, November 15, 2019.
  • Selected Fellows will be notified by 5 p.m. on Thursday, December 12, 2019.
  • Fellows will meet with potential mentors, select final mentor(s) and develop a project, including timeline and deliverable(s), by Wednesday, March 18, 2020.
  • Kickoff meeting for the 2020-2020 Provost Faculty Fellows cohort will be TBD, late August 2020.