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NC State University is a leader in One Health. Through its partnerships, interdisciplinary faculty expertise, research, and engagement activities, the Global One Health Academy promotes worldwide health equity for people, animals, plants and the environment.

Creating Global Change

The Global One Health Academy strives to be a global health champion, lead our peers in One Health education and research, train the next generation of global health leaders, and engage with public and private partners drive results in North Carolina and at the global level. We take an interdisciplinary approach to our efforts, paving the way for advances in education, research and scientific innovation.

Enhancing Opportunities

The academy expands NC State’s One Health research and education efforts by increasing opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, with a focus on interdisciplinary project-based experiences that lead to the development of evidence-based recommendations for tackling current and future global threats.

Engaging Locally and Globally

The Global One Health Academy strives to be a leader in local and global public engagement by facilitating interactions and collaborations with a wide range of stakeholders across North Carolina, the United States, and around the world. The academy leverages partnerships with community stakeholders and universities in the United States and abroad to translate research into solutions that address global health challenges.


The Global One Health Academy is dedicated to engaging and supporting faculty, staff, undergraduate and graduate students in improving the health of plants, animals, biodiversity, and human society in North Carolina and beyond.

The Global One Health Academy’s mission is focused principally on problem solving, and infused with experiential training and research opportunities on the global challenges facing humans, animals and the environment.

Dr. Sid Thakur

Executive Director, Global One Health Academy