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Infectious Diseases

Increase awareness of the global burden of infectious diseases by promoting prevention, detection, and response strategies that save lives, improve public health, and foster sustainable development worldwide.

Combating Infectious Diseases

By fostering a holistic and collaborative approach to addressing the complex interplay between human, animal, plant, and environmental health in the face of infectious diseases, we are committed to tackling the grand challenges in global One Health. We work to advance the fundamental science and education of emerging infections and cultivate innovation on early disease diagnostics, smart protection technologies, and data analytics for future pandemic prediction and modeling. Ultimately, our goal is to protect and promote the wellness of all living beings, enhance public health resilience, and safeguard ecological balance.

The Global One Health Academy seeks to bridge gaps, break down barriers, and inspire collective action to combat infectious diseases. By embracing the interconnectedness of human, animal, and environmental health, we can foster a healthier and more sustainable future for all species on our planet.

Thematic Area Leadership

Qingshan Wei

Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering || College of Engineering

Jessica Gluck

Assistant Professor of Textile Engineering, Chemistry, and Science || Wilson College of Textiles