Provost’s Corner

Apr 14, 2021

April 2021 Provost’s Corner

I hope that you’ve been able to share in the positive happenings around campus lately. With the advent of spring came news of expanded vaccine eligibility, and many in our community have already taken advantage of that opportunity.

Mar 23, 2021

March 2021 Provost’s Corner

As we move through the spring semester, we’re facing a renewal of hope for the campus community. Many of you have already been able to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, with many more of you scheduled to do so in the near future.

Feb 9, 2021

February 2021 Provost’s Corner

A debt of gratitude is owed to each of you in making the return to campus for the spring semester as smooth as possible. Your commitment to the health and safety of faculty, staff and students has definitely made a positive difference.

Dec 9, 2020

December 2020 Provost’s Corner

2020 turned out much different than any of us could have ever imagined. You’ve experienced more than your fair share of hardships, both personally and professionally, and navigated through the COVID-19 pandemic, racial injustice, a challenging election season and more.

Nov 11, 2020

November 2020 Provost’s Corner

The end of the fall 2020 semester is drawing near, but there’s still plenty of activity taking place. We’re in the middle of a different, yet quite exciting, Red and White Week. Even with most events being held virtually, the week captures everything our students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends hold dear about NC State.

Oct 14, 2020

October 2020 Provost’s Corner

As we move into another month of online instruction, it is important now more than ever that we find ways to stay connected while we’re apart. Faculty, staff and students are feeling the impacts of being removed from campus both physically and mentally.

Sep 17, 2020

September 2020 Provost’s Corner

Thank you for your hard work and patience through another tumultuous month. Though the beginning of the academic year didn’t go as we hoped for, we are glad to be able to continue to provide our students with instruction and resources for success.

Aug 17, 2020

August 2020 Provost’s Corner

August marks the start of an academic year that no one could have imagined this past spring. In spite of all the unknowns and uncertainties, the campus community came in ways we haven’t seen before.

Jul 15, 2020

July 2020 Provost’s Corner

As the end of NC State’s summer sessions nears, faculty and staff deserve a huge thanks for their tireless work over the past several months as plans are made to reactivate campus in preparation for fall.

Jun 10, 2020

June 2020 Provost’s Corner

Words cannot do justice to what so many of you are experiencing and the way you are feeling in the wake of George Floyd’s death. We want you to know that we see you, we are listening, and are working to find ways to respond that will respect the dignity of Black lives.