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January 2023 Announcements

ice on plants
  • The second NC State Equity Research Symposium is now accepting proposals that address how equity in research or research on equity inform and improve various aspects of research. This year the symposium seeks to address how equity informs research and highlight research that is being conducted on equity. The symposium is also interested in interdisciplinary equity-focused questions in need of sustained future research in all disciplines. The keynote address will be delivered by Dr. Shaun Harper, who is an expert on racial equity and conducts research that examines race, gender, and other aspects of equity in different organizational contexts including higher education. Proposals are due January 30, 2023, and the symposium will be held March 8, 2023.

Administrator and Search Updates

  • Sarah Langer Hall has been named director of NC State’s Institute for Emerging Issues, effective January 1, 2023. Langer Hall has served as interim director since former IEI director Leslie Boney retired in May 2022.
  • Rich Bonanno has been named Vice Provost for Outreach and Engagement, effective January 1, 2023. Bonanno currently serves as associate dean and director of NC State Extension in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and as a professor of horticulture in the Department of Horticultural Science. He will retain these positions and continue to report to the dean of the college, in addition to reporting to Provost Arden.
  • Ke Cheng has been named executive director of interdisciplinary scholarship in the Office of University Interdisciplinary Programs, effective October 1, 2022. Cheng is the Randall B. Terry, Jr. Distinguished Professor in Regenerative Medicine in the Department of Molecular Biomedical Sciences and Department of Biomedical Engineering, which will remain his primary appointment. 
  • Searches for deans of the Colleges of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Engineering, and Sciences are ongoing. Each nomination committee will meet in late January or early February to select candidates for first round interviews. Finalist candidate interviews and open forums will be held in March or April 2023.

From the Coastal Resilience and Sustainability Initiative:

  • SAVE THE DATE: The CRSI will be hosting a Cerebration Event on April 25-26, (Tuesday and Wednesday, exam reading  days) at Lake Johnson Park in Raleigh. We will cerebrate (use our minds) to generate, select and develop project ideas and partnerships the Initiative can build upon. Event information and registration will be available on the CRSI website in February.
  • The CRSI is pleased to share the announcement of Amanda Mueller’s promotion to director of the Kenan Institute for Engineering, Technology & Science (KIETS) Climate Leaders Program Climate Leaders Program. Mueller was the program’s manager and has served as the Initiative’s Coordinator since July 2021.
  • KIETS is announcing the 2023 cohort of the Climate Leaders Program. Student and faculty cohort members are approaching climate change in innovative ways to improve water quality, biodiversity, agriculture, carbon capture/sequestration, energy and material alternatives, landscape and building design, public policy, and environmental justice and equity. The teams will work with their internship partners to develop solutions that mitigate and adapt to the challenges of climate change.

From the Data Science Academy:

  • The DSA is hosting a networking event to connect with faculty and staff across NC State. This event will take place February 2 from 10 a.m.-1:30 p.m. in Talley Student Union, Room 4280. Stop by to learn more about the DSA and the collaborations opportunities we have to offer through: Research Enablement and Seed Grants, data science courses, data science collaborative consulting, Data Challenges and Data Jams, Data Science artist-in-residence, K-12 outreach, continuing education and workforce development, internships and All-Campus Career Expo. Our goal is to build relationships and collaborate with researchers at the university. Refreshments will be provided throughout the event. We hope to see you on February 2!
  • The DSA is hiring a cohort of four postdoctoral fellows for two year appointments funded by the National Science Foundation.  We are seeking a cohort with varied backgrounds, professional experience and research interests to engage in Data Science education research focused on the ADAPT Teaching model. Webinars will be hosted to answer any questions about the postdoctoral fellowship prior to the application opening in January 2023. 
  • The Data Science Academy states proudly that “Data science is for everyone.” The DSA took the opportunity to collaborate with Artist-in-Residence and choreographer, Killian E. Manning, to communicate just that through a series of vignettes. Manning created a set of dances based on interviews of faculty and staff from each NC State college that communicate how data science connects across academic disciplines. The resulting work, Data Perspectives in Motion, shows how data science contributes to research across NC State.


  • DELTA has awarded three Instructional Tools grants and five Course Essentials grants. These eight Express Grants span three colleges: Agriculture and Life Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Education. DELTA Express Grants differ from DELTA Grants in that they are only a semester-long and focused on course improvement.
  • A recent walking tour of the DELTA facilities highlighted the state-of-the-art workspaces and projects. Participants gained exposure to the technology used to support NC State instructors as well as getting an introduction to the people behind the scenes who make the magic happen!
  • WolfWare News features the most up-to-date info about NC State academic learning tools for the spring. From specific Moodle workshops and on-demand resources to workshops on new tools, we have you covered.
  • Capture the Energy: 5 Tips for the Beginning of the Semester is a great resource for starting the year right. Instructional Technologist Kerri Brown Parker is an educator with more than 20 years of experience. She understands the importance of your first impression at the beginning of each semester and shares practical tips to help you start strong. She also highlights tools you can use to bring these tips to life in your classroom or on your website.
  • Join DELTA’s spring workshops to learn how the newest instructional tools can be used with your course content to foster student success! Perusall, a social annotation tool, and IntelliBoard, a learning analytics dashboard tool, are just a few of the topics covered. Overviews and in-depth sessions will be offered on most tools.

From the Office for Faculty Excellence:

  • The Office for Faculty Excellence, DELTA and the NC State University Libraries invite faculty, postdoctoral scholars and professional staff from all six member institutions of the Cooperating Raleigh Colleges to submit session and poster proposals for the 2023 NC State Conference on Faculty Excellence, which will be held March 9, 2023. The deadline to submit proposals is January 19, 2023.
  • The Office for Faculty Excellence’s Faculty Conversation Series is designed to engage faculty in conversation around relevant topics that will be helpful as they teach. For each session, faculty will read a relevant article/paper about the topic (optional), receive question prompts, engage in conversation around the topic with other faculty members, and reflect on how the conversation may have changed thinking on the topic. This spring’s topics are: Faculty Affinity Communities, Open Education Resources, and Mentoring Resources to Advance your Career. Learn more.
  • Many faculty members have never had any formal training in education. For this reason, OFE is offering some simple introductory offerings to get faculty on track with their teaching. In this three-part workshop series held via Zoom during the Spring semester, faculty will have the opportunity to listen to the workshop presenters and other participants, share their experiences, receive insights and feedback from peers, engage in important, timely, and relevant conversations with other faculty who are interested in these topics. Faculty will build professional and social connections with other faculty. The Spring sessions will focus on alternative assessments and the topics are: Transparency in Learning and Teaching Framework, Grading for Growth and Ungrading, and E-Portfolios to Assess Learning. Read more and register at the link below. 
  • January is National Mentoring Month. There are many resources available to faculty about mentoring. One of these resources is the Faculty Mentoring Central website. The Office for Faculty Excellence has created this great tutorial on how to get the most use out of this wonderful resource. OFE will also be piloting a mentoring software that will help match faculty with other faculty mentors and mentees across campus. More information about the pilot and how to sign up to be included in the pilot will be sent out the beginning of February.

From the Office of Global Engagement:

  • The Technology Partnership of Nagoya University will celebrate its 15th year in North Carolina by hosting a symposium at NC State, which will take place Thursday, January 26 from 2-3:30 p.m. at the James B. Hunt Jr. Library, Duke Energy Hall. The former CEO of the Honda Aircraft Company, Michimasa Fujino, will give a talk titled “Aeronautical Research at an Automobile Company — From Fundamental Researches to Commercialization.”⁠
  • Come celebrate the Year of the Rabbit with the Office of Global Engagement. Join us in celebrating this popular Asian holiday through music, food and different cultural activities. For more information about our event, read this story in the Technician.

From the Institute for Emerging Issues:

  • Join IEI for the 2023 Emerging Issues Forum. The Institute for Emerging Issues will host the 2023 Emerging Issues Forum, Talent First Economics, on Monday, February 13, 2023, at the McKimmon Center. For North Carolina to stay competitive in an increasingly global, mobile and diverse economy, we need more workers, of all backgrounds and skill sets, to get hired and thrive in the workplace. Talent First Economics examines ways to put the needs of workers first and overcome barriers that have historically and systemically prevented workers from finding employment and staying engaged in the workplace. Learn more and register today.
  • The Institute for Emerging Issues has been announced as a partner of Accelerating Access: Preparing Appalachian Communities for Digital Equity, a new Connect Humanity project funded by a $6.3 million grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission. The grant will help IEI build on the work we have already done in North Carolina to expand broadband access. Partners in 12 states will provide 50 communities with the support they need to develop plans that connect all residents with affordable, high-speed broadband, improved device access, and digital literacy training. 
  • IEI has launched a new podcast: The Connector. The Institute for Emerging Issues has launched a new podcast series called The Connector. In Episode One, host and IEI Director Sarah Langer Hall speaks with IEI Practitioner in Residence Philip Cooper and Vitrelle Hospitality General Manager Scott Kirschner about the labor shortage and effective ways to connect underrepresented workers to the workforce. This and upcoming episodes of The Connector will offer a sneak peak into the 2023 Emerging Issues Forum, Talent First Economics. IEI’s The Connector podcast explores connections being made across sectors, regions and perspectives, resulting in a more vibrant and prosperous North Carolina. Listen to the first episode: 

From Institutional Strategy and Analysis:

  • Institutional Strategy and Analysis has administered the University Police Department (UPD) Customer Satisfaction Survey to NC State University students and employees on a triennial basis since Spring 2004. While in previous years ISA did not publicly publish the results of this survey, in agreement with UPD Chief Daniel House, results from the Spring 2021 UPD Customer Satisfaction Survey have now been posted on the ISA website. Check it out here! The survey covers topics such as the professionalism of police employees; the availability of information about crime on campus; perceptions of crime on campus; support for security measures; and satisfaction with interactions with police employees. “We at the NC State University Police Department believe that it is our duty to keep our students, faculty and staff informed, and to provide an unbiased perspective of how our Police Department is operating, to include our strengths, and our shortcomings,” Chief House explained. “So in the spirit of transparency, we have asked that our citizens’ survey be published publicly on the Institutional Strategy and Analysis website, as well as our own, to facilitate open communication and collaboration on all aspects of our responsibility to the University and our community.” For more information about the survey, contact ISA at

From the Office of Information Technology:

  • Join us January 22-28 for Data Privacy Week to learn ways to protect your data privacy as well as safeguard university data. This year’s data privacy program, “Keep IT Private,” features Pardis Emami-Naeini, Ph.D, an assistant professor of Computer Science at Duke University and a Duke Science and Technology Scholar. Emami-Naeini will unlock the ins and outs of “Transparency in Smart Devices” on Friday, Jan. 27 from 10-11 a.m. She will also discuss her research work in designing a privacy label for smart devices. To register for this virtual keynote, learn about other planned events and a chance to win great prizes, visit
  • Data Privacy Week: Transparency in Smart Devices will be held Friday, January 27 at 10 a.m. As purchases of smart devices increase, consumers are becoming more concerned about the level of privacy and security these devices offer. To learn how to better protect yourself at the time of purchase, join this year’s Data Privacy Week keynote, Pardis Emami-Naeini, an assistant professor of computer science at Duke University, on Friday, January 27 from 10-11 a.m. She will discuss her research work in designing a privacy label for smart devices. For more details, see NC State’s Data Privacy Week website at
  • The Office of Information Technology will perform extended IT maintenance from 6 a.m. Saturday, February 4 to 6 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 5 that will involve the shutdown and movement of equipment, hardware replacement and infrastructure configuration.

From the Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity

  • ​​Nominations are open for the 2023 Chancellor’s Creating Community Awards. These awards recognize outstanding faculty, staff, colleges, students, student organizations and alumni that have made exceptional efforts and contributions in the areas of equity, diversity and inclusion during the course of the academic year. The deadline for nominations is March 7, 2023.

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