From Provost Arden: Adjustments to Fall 2020 Academic Calendar

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TO: All NC State Instructors of Record, Fall 2020

FROM: Warwick A. Arden, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

SUBJECT: Adjustments to Fall 2020 Academic Calendar

DATE: August 27, 2020

As Chancellor Woodson announced earlier today, the fall 2020 academic calendar is being adjusted to provide students the time needed to prepare to move off-campus. The changes meet contact hour requirements of UNC System policy and are as follows:

  • Classes on Monday, Aug. 31 and Tuesday, Sept. 1 are canceled. Those classes will be made up on Monday, Nov. 16 and Tuesday, Nov. 17. 
  • The first day of exams will be delayed from Monday, Nov. 16 to Wednesday, Nov. 18.  Exams will be conducted over a five day period, excluding the weekend, and will continue through Tuesday, Nov. 24.
  • The Fall 2020 Academic Calendar will reflect the adjustments to the term and eight week session dates shortly.  
  • Plans for Commencement will be announced in the coming weeks.

I recognize these adjustments necessarily generate additional work for you during a semester when you have already pivoted a number of times to respond to changing circumstances. I also know these changes disrupt the flow of the educational experience for you and the students. Please know how grateful and appreciative I am for everything you are doing for your students and for NC State. 

Amidst these changes, students in transition next week will benefit from your understanding and sensitivity to the disruptions they are facing. Please consider ways that you can provide flexibility with assignments and due dates wherever possible. Keep your student communications frequent and compassionate, and encourage those students who may be struggling to make use of available campus resources.  

Finally, I hope you’ll continue reaching out to the Office of Faculty Development, DELTA, NC State University Libraries, and the many other campus offices who stand ready to support you during this time.

Find a PDF version of this memo here

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