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Strategic Actions

Strategic Plan Feedback Opportunity

Memorial Belltower

NC State faculty, staff and students are working together to realize the seven bold goals of the Wolfpack 2030 strategic plan. See recent strategic planning news and updates here.

The university uses implementation plans to identify, communicate, and pursue high-level priority initiatives toward meeting our strategic goals. The FY22-24 implementation plan, primarily made up of recommendations from the strategic planning and post-COVID task forces, concludes in June 2024. The next FY25-27 implementation plan will be developed over the coming months. You can expect several initiatives from the current implementation plan to carry forward in some form.

Institutional Strategy and Analysis is seeking faculty, staff and student input to help shape the directions and emphases of the next implementation plan. Although we do not guarantee that all ideas received will be incorporated into the FY25-27 implementation plan, your anonymous feedback is important, welcome and encouraged.

Visit to share your responses to these two questions by Friday, Nov. 3:

  • In the past year or two, in what way(s) have you most clearly experienced or observed the impact of NC State’s Wolfpack 2030 strategic goals? Examples:

“My department started developing a new curricular pathway for students to build and practice entrepreneurial skills in our discipline.” (Goals 1 and 6)

“My colleagues and I are receiving more support and encouragement to form research partnerships across colleges.” (Goal 2)

“‘My friends and I know our colleges now have embedded counselors, and we know where to find them if needed.” (Goal 4)

“My unit launched a new cross-functional team to look at performance data for our key business processes and identify improvements that will save us time.” (Goal 5)

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