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NC State takes a holistic approach to faculty and staff wellness — from physical to mental and financial health and beyond. Organizations across campus promote activities and initiatives to keep the Wolfpack community healthy on all fronts.

In 2016, Greatist.com named NC State “One of the 26 Healthiest Colleges” in the United States. NC State was also the first higher education institution to complete Partnership for a Healthier America’s Healthy Campus criteria regarding nutrition, physical activity, and transportation.

“We’re proud of our recognition as a healthy campus, and we seek to align our activities and initiatives with the six elements of wellness at NC State — purpose, financial, physical, emotional, social and community,” said Adam Sardinha with NC State Wellness and Recreation. “Studies show that employees who engage in a balanced and healthy lifestyle are overall happier and more productive, helping to create a more positive workplace culture.”

From faculty and staff groups to individuals, there are countless options to engage in wellness activities around campus. Each year university departments may seek to become Well Wolfpack Certified by earning points in the areas of active workplace, nutrition, emotional wellness and culture of wellness. Faculty and staff may choose to become Wellness Champions who create a culture of wellness in their unit, department or college.

Departments and other groups may also contact Wellness and Recreation for private group fitness classes — offered at Carmichael Gymnasium or on-site throughout campus. Classes are offered in packages of four, eight and 16 sessions and include yoga, Zumba, cardio dance, Pilates and more. This fall, Wellness and Recreation will sponsor a university-wide walking challenge — Step To It — where employees create teams to start walking and stay fit.

For individual physical fitness options, faculty and staff may purchase a discounted membership at Carmichael Gymnasium for $20 per month through payroll deduction. Further membership options are available through the Wellness and Recreation website. Activ8 Your Health, an eight-week faculty and staff wellness coaching program, helps employees create behavior change through developing time and stress management skills, a nutrition plan, and a variety of physical and emotional health activities.

Human Resources offers employees several other wellness initiatives. This includes the Wolfpack Wellness Power Lunch Series, a monthly lunchtime seminar series promoting faculty and staff wellbeing. Topics focus on financial literacy, goal-setting, stress management, quick ways to exercise and more. Registration opens this month, so stay tuned for more information.Interfaith prayer and meditation space

Equally important as physical health are the mental and emotional wellness resources on campus. The Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity maintains several interfaith prayer and meditation spaces across campus that encourage peace and reflection for religious and non-religious faculty, staff and students. These spaces are located in D.H. Hill Library, Engineering Building II, Witherspoon Student Center and Talley Student Union.

NC State employees are also eligible for the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program, which offers confidential assistance for both personal and professional issues. Options include counseling referrals, financial information and resources, legal support, work-life solutions and online guidance resources.

While health is an intrinsically personal journey, NC State provides a variety of resources for faculty and staff to engage in holistic wellness with the support of their department, unit or college. Healthy employees create a stronger and more welcoming university environment for all.

Learn more about NC State’s Six Elements of Wellness and additional resources.

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