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We offer workshops to help you create and implement your academic continuity plans.


Academic continuity plans are essential for the seamless continuation of instruction during crisis scenarios involving a significant disruption in instruction.

Keep Teaching: Creating an Academic Continuity Plan for Campus Emergencies

This workshop is designed for faculty who want guidance in constructing a basic continuity plan for their course. 

For more information and help with planning, contact the Office for Faculty Excellence


When you need to implement a continuity plan, you may benefit from technical training and personalized support on how to use online teaching tools most effectively.

DELTA (Digital Education and Learning Technology Applications)

The DELTA team offers 1-on-1 instructional consultations to help you implement your continuity plan. DELTA provides in-depth assistance with instructional design, teaching strategies, accessibility, course redesign, or how to incorporate new tools and technologies into your course.

DELTA also offers hands-on workshops throughout the year on blended and online teaching tools and strategies.

For more information and help with implementation, contact DELTA’s faculty help desk at or (919) 513-7094  or the Office for Faculty Excellence at or 919-513-3634.

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