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Chancellor's Faculty Excellence Program - Selected Proposals & Cluster Areas

Posted 2/15/12

I am very pleased to announce that seventeen proposals, some of which were combined, have been selected for funding through the Chancellor’s Faculty Excellence Program in the following twelve cluster areas:

  1. Bioinformatics
  2. Data-driven Science
  3. Digital Transformation of Education
  4. Environmental Health Science
  5. Forensic Sciences
  6. Genetic Engineering and Society
  7. Geospatial Analytics
  8. Global Environmental Change and Human
  9. Innovation + Design
  10. Personalized Medicine
  11. Synthetic and Systems Biology
  12. Translational Regenerative Medicine

Details regarding the proposals and cluster areas (proposing faculty, colleges involved, number of positions funded, proposal abstracts) are included in the document, Chancellor’s Faculty Excellence Program - Selected Proposals.

The Office of the Provost  received over 70 Faculty Excellence proposals from faculty in all 10 colleges. In keeping with my original announcement of the program, proposals selected to receive funding were chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Ability to achieve national eminence
  • Alignment with University Strategic Priorities and/or cross-cutting platforms
  • Demonstration of real interdisciplinarity
  • Potential to build on an existing strength (or strength of the existing assets)
  • Opportunity for faculty to engage in both research & teaching of proposed topic
  • Ability to attract funding
  • Commitment to share resources and physical infrastructure
  • Inclusion of multiple colleges
  • Demonstration of a balanced hiring plan with clear leadership

My sincerest thanks and kudos to the Proposal Selection Committee, who spent many hours during winter break meeting and reviewing all of the submitted proposals: Duane Larick (co-chair, Sr. Vice Provost for Strategic Initiatives and Dean of the Graduate School); Terri Lomax (co-chair, Vice Chancellor, Research, Innovation and Economic Development); Meredith Davis, College of Design; Rob Dunn, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; Lance Fusarelli, College of Education; Christine Grant, College of Engineering; Antony Harrison, College of Humanities and Social Sciences; Hasan Jameel, College of Natural Resources; Jorge Piedrahita, College of Veterinary Medicine; Abdel-Fattah Seyam, College of Textiles; Dan Solomon, Dean, College of  Physical and Mathematical Sciences; and Richard Warr, Poole College of Management. 

Next Steps

Understandably, there is a great deal of excitement about moving forward to hire new faculty into the twelve Faculty Excellence clusters and I hope you join me in anticipation of the transformative power that these clusters will bring to our campus as they develop and mature. In order to meet the goals of the Chancellor’s Faculty Excellence Program and in particular to address the cross-college, cross-department nature of these clusters, special consideration is being given to the search and hiring process. Search guidelines are laid out in the document, Chancellor’s Faculty Excellence Program - Search Guidelines.  These guidelines, intended to provide general direction for the search process for faculty in each cluster, will be refined as needed. Please note that a Cluster Coordinator and a Lead Dean (identified in Chancellor’s Faculty Excellence Program - Selected Proposals) have been appointed for each cluster to help oversee and coordinate the search processes. If you have any questions,  please contact Duane Larick, Senior Vice Provost for Strategic Initiatives and Dean of the Graduate School.

Visit for more information on the Chancellor’s Faculty Excellence Program and to stay updated as the cluster hires progress.

Warwick Arden
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor

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