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College of Sciences Update – A new Era on the Horizon

Memo from the Provost

Date: June 25, 2013

To: University Leaders

From: Warwick A. Arden, Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor

Subject: College of Sciences Update – A New Era on the Horizon

This is my final update before the College of Sciences is established on Monday, July 1, 2013 – less than a week away. I have few things to share with you since my last update in May.


UNC BOG Approval: At its meeting on June 14, the UNC Board of Governors officially approved NC State’s request to re-organize and establish the College of Sciences.

Leadership of the new Department of Biological Sciences: Dr. Chris Gould, currently PAMS associate dean for administration, will serve as interim department head of Biological Sciences. A national search for a permanent head is underway, led by Dr. Trudy Mackay, William Neal Reynolds Distinguished University Professor of Genetics. Dr. James Brown, currently an associate professor and director of undergraduate programs in the Department of Microbiology, will serve as interim associate department head.

College of Sciences Dean’s Office: To allow Chris Gould to focus on the biological sciences, Dr. Katie Perry, senior vice provost emeritus, has agreed to join the College of Sciences Dean’s Office as interim associate dean for administration. Dr. Vicki Martin, most recently assistant director of academic programs in CALS, will join the College leadership team as its inaugural assistant dean for academic affairs.

See Dean Solomon's May update for additional details on the College of Sciences leadership team. For information on the leadership of the new Department of Applied Ecology and the renamed Department of Plant and Microbial Sciences in CALS, see my last update.

Launch of the College of Sciences

On the morning of Monday, July 1, Dean Dan Solomon, along with other members of his leadership team, will greet the students and faculty participating in the College’s first official classes. Doughnuts and coffee will be served in Sciences buildings across campus to celebrate the launch of the College. A celebratory lunch for Sciences faculty and staff is being organized and invitations will go out in the next few days. A larger event to include returning students and external constituents is being planned for later in the academic year.

Gratitude and Thanks

Finally, I must offer my deepest gratitude and thanks to the many individuals who helped to make the creation of the College of Sciences and the realignment of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences a reality in the short 14-month timespan since Chancellor Woodson announced these proposed changes in April 2012:

  • Senior Vice Provost Duane Larick, administrative lead of the Steering Committee and chair of the Academic Programs, Personnel and Policy Implementation Team, who provided exceptional leadership in implementing this strategic initiative.
  • Deans Dan Solomon and Rich Linton, who both have been outstanding throughout this process and led thoughtful strategic planning efforts to ensure tremendous futures for both colleges. I am also very appreciative of the support they have been given by their respective leadership teams.
  • Steering Committee members, Deans Louis Martin-Vega, Mary Watzin, Blan Godfrey and Paul Lunn in addition to Senior Vice Provost Larick and Deans Solomon and Linton, who offered their counsel and insights to ensure that Sciences and CALS are as strong as they can be in the context of the greater University.
  • Five Implementation Teams, their leaders, Vice Chancellor Terri Lomax (Space, Infrastructure and Shared Resources), Vice Chancellor and Dean Mike Mullen (Student Support and Outreach), Senior Vice Provost Duane Larick (Academic Programs, Personnel and Policy), Assistant Vice Provost Vicki Pennington (Budget and Finance) and Executive Director of Gift Planning Steve Watt (Advancement), and their nearly sixty members (some serving on more than one team), for their tireless work to consider and accomplish all the actions necessary to complete this process.
  • CALS faculty, staff and students most directly impacted by these changes, who are making transitions to the new college or within CALS.
  • CALS and PAMS communities, for their commitment to strengthening both colleges through their participation in the strategic planning process and their patience as decisions were made regarding the future structures of each college.

With these changes occurring on July 1, we reach a significant milestone as a University and begin a new era in the sciences, with our ultimate objective to position both Sciences and CALS for national and international prominence. I look forward to the continuing evolution of both colleges as we move closer to our goal.

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