QEP Pre-Proposal Guidelines

Format and Content

Your QEP pre-proposal should be typed in 11-point Arial font on no more than three single-spaced pages with one inch margins. The pre-proposal should address the following questions:

  • How is this QEP topic connected to the NC State mission, vision and values and current strategic plan, Wolfpack 2030: Powering the Extraordinary?
  • What specific areas of student success are addressed by this project?
  • What nationally available and NC State-specific research, expertise and data support the selection of this topic as an area of importance for student success?
  • Why is it important to improve NC State student success in this area?
  • How does this project improve student success at NC State? 
  • What activities or initiatives are implemented in this project?
  • Who is the target population of students for this project and why were they selected? 
  • Is this topic/focus area a new initiative or does it expand upon an existing program or project?
  • How are data collected on an ongoing basis to measure the success of the QEP?
  • What resources are needed to plan for, implement and evaluate the effectiveness of the QEP?
  • What other units or individuals at the university can/will contribute to this QEP?
  • How does the plan garner broad-based support for this project across campus?

Evaluation Rubric

Review the QEP pre-proposal rubric categories, criteria and score point descriptions here.

Submit a Pre-Proposal

Pre-proposal submissions are due on Friday, January 28, 2022.

Submit Pre-Proposal

Evaluation of Pre-Proposals

The QEP Proposals Review Team will evaluate pre-proposals for appropriateness, alignment to university mission and strategic plan, and feasibility of implementation. Additionally, the QEP Review Team will identify overall strengths and potential challenges to implementing each proposed QEP and share a summary of their evaluations with the Provost and QEP Planning Team. Three finalists will be selected and asked to meet with representatives of the QEP Planning Team to discuss next steps for developing a full proposal, review the components of the full proposal template, and discuss the rubric that the QEP Planning Team will use to evaluate the full proposals.