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O. Max Gardner Award - 2012-2013>

Administrative Support Office: Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, Betsy Brown

Contact for web site: Judy Austin

Call for Nominations (PDF)

Previous Recipients 1949 to Present

Meeting Schedule

The O. Max Gardner Award Committee meets once or twice each semester. Meetings are scheduled based on the availability of the committee members.

Committee Charge

  1. Recommend to the Chancellor from one to three faculty members as nominees for the O. Max Gardner Award.
  2. In accordance with the O. Max Gardner will, it is understood that the award will be made to that member of the faculties of the University of North Carolina (including all sixteen institutions) who in the opinion of the Board of Governors' Committee, "...during the current scholastic year, has made the greatest contribution to the welfare of the human race." Also it is understood that "...the term faculty shall embrace all persons, including instructors, engaged in teaching in any unit, institution, or branch of service of the consolidated University of North Carolina."

  3. In the process of developing the nomination, the committee must first canvass the North Carolina State University faculty for suggestions as to potential nominees and for supporting information. On the basis of these suggestions and other information, the committee will select its nominee(s), who should be full-time members of the present faculty, and prepare a report including: biographical data, other relevant descriptive information, and a summary of the reasons for its nominations. The report will be submitted to the Chancellor on or before December 15 of the current academic year.
  4. For record purposes: (a) all balloting in the committee will be destroyed; (b) duplicated material on the faculty nominees, including the successful ones, will be returned to the files of the appropriate department heads or deans, whichever is applicable; (c) material in the Chancellor's Office concerning nominees recommended will be sent to the University Archives at the end of the year.