Collection Of Optional And Required Formats For Presenting Sections Of The Dossier

Template for Completing Extension and Engagement Section

The Extension And Engagement Section Of The RPT Could Include Some Or All Of The Ten Following Subsections:

Issue, Need, or Focus. What was the focus of your engagement efforts?  What issue(s) or need(s) did your extension and/or engagement work address?

Goals and Objectives. List the goals and/or objectives of this engagement work.

Communities Engaged. How did you engage the community in this process of determining the issue(s), need(s) or focus area(s)? What community(ies) was (were) involved and served by your extension and/or engagement efforts?  Describe unique and relevant demographic, cultural or other characteristics of the community.

Methods and Actions. What did you do to achieve the goals and/or objectives?  How did you engage communities in implementing and carrying out those actions?  How did you ensure that your methods were culturally relevant and appropriate?

Program Integration. If teaching or research were a part of this engagement project, please describe how the engagement activity complemented or contributed to your teaching and/or research.   For example, describe how students were involved, how course/curricula were enhanced, and/or what research was related to the engagement work.

Results. Describe the outcomes and impacts the extension and/or engagement work achieved.

Outcomes Achieved – Outcomes are the changes in participants’ knowledge, attitudes, skills, behaviors and/or practices that result from your extension or engagement efforts.

Impacts Achieved – Impacts are the intended and unintended societal, environmental, economic, and/or policy changes that result from your extension or engagement efforts.

Resources that you may find helpful:

Products/Deliverables. Describe any products that were developed or created as part of this extension and engagement work (such as brochures, Web sites, DVDs, CDs, computer software, blogs, pamphlets, etc.).

Communication and Dissemination. How was information on the process, outcomes and/or impacts shared and with whom? Information in this section includes all forms of communication and dissemination; however, refereed publications and presentations resulting from extension and engagement work should be listed in the Scholarship Section of the RPT and cross-referenced here.

Recognition and Awards. Did you receive any local, state, national, and/or international recognition or awards for your engagement or extension work? If so, list those here.

Collaborators and Partners. Engagement and extension work frequently occurs through, and is dependent upon, collaborations and partnerships. Acknowledge your partners and collaborators.

Evaluating Extension and Engagement Scholarship: How does your work measure up?

The National Review Board for the Scholarship of Engagement developed criteria to assess and evaluate engaged scholarship:

The Extension Committee on Organization and Policy Excellence in Extension Task Force developed a set of criteria to guide extension scholars and institutions.  It is available at: