We offer workshops to help you create and implement your academic continuity plans.


Using a Think and Do approach, your first step is planning for academic continuity. In the planning phase, you will consider all course components and determine how you will adjust them if on-campus meetings are interrupted. To receive planning guidance, register for the Online Asynchronous Workshop, “Keep Teaching: Creating an Academic Continuity Plan for Campus Emergencies.” This self-paced module will introduce how to construct a basic continuity plan for your course.

You can also view a recording of a past synchronous version of the workshop [53 mins] that includes an integrated transcript.

For more information and help with planning, contact the Office of Faculty Development


When you need to implement a continuity plan, you may benefit from training on how to use online teaching tools. DELTA offers an online workshop called “Getting Your Course Online Quickly.” You can also view a recording of the workshop. Additionally, DELTA offers recommendations for getting your course online quickly, which includes short tutorials and printable handouts.

For more information and help with implementation, contact DELTA’s faculty help desk at or (919) 513-7094.

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