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Explore Environmental Majors at NC State

The Environmental First Year Prorgam opens new pathways and connects students accross colleges and mojors.

For students passionate about the environment and sustainability,  NC State University offers an unparalleled  educational experience.   Environmental First Year is your gateway to learning about the myriad of relevant opportunities at NC State University. 

Through a shared curriculum, advising support, and network building, we support first year students to chart a path to an exciting, high impact, career.  Environmental First Year Program (ENVFY) encourages students from across campus to work collaboratively to tackle environmental challenges such as renewable  energy, global environmental change, and sustainable food systems in the ways best suited to their interests.

Students will join an interdisciplinary, cross-college,  network of diverse students, faculty, and professionals interested in a wide range of environmental and sustainability issues. As ENVFY students develop through the program, they will work with expert faculty and researchers both inside and outside of the classroom to explore different pathways to achieve environmental and sustainability goals within their chosen fields and apply their knowledge in a real-world setting.

The ENVFY Experience

The first semester opens up doors to courses, majors, minors and focal areas across the university. In the second semester, students will enjoy access to continued advising and opportunities to participate in student-led, co-curricular activities in our ENVFY Network.

Surrounded by a community of environmentally-focused faculty, staff and students, ENVFY participants grow both as individuals and scholars. The community provides social and professional development opportunities, as well as academic support through dedicated academic and faculty advisors. Each cohort is full of students excited to roll up their sleeves and get to work on some of our greatest environmental challenges. 

Students from across disciplines will work collaboratively to explore environmental grand challenges such as sustainability, climate change, and renewable energy alongside expert faculty and community partners.

Working Together

Students who are passionate about solving today’s environmental issues will discover a cohort of like-minded peers in the Environmental First Year Program. By bringing together students with similar interests but varying majors, ENVFY encourages students to consider real-world challenges and the different approaches taken by related disciplines.

As they work together, students may be surprised to find that complex environmental problems can benefit from interdisciplinary knowledge, and in the process they will develop critical and creative thinking skills that will prepare them for a career after graduation.