Standard Operating Procedures

Establishing A New Academic Department

  • Dean makes contact with other academic departments in the same college and in other colleges that might be affected.  Concerns will be documented and carried forward.
  • Dean proposes new Department to Associate Deans for Academic Affairs from all colleges.  Concerns will be documented and carried forward.
  • Dean submits to Provost a recommendation to create the new department.  Documentation of concerns will accompany this recommendation.
  • Provost presents to the following groups for their discussion/approval:
    • Faculty Senate (discussion)
    • Vice Provosts and Director of UPA (discussion)
    • Deans Council (approval)
    • Executive Officers (approval)
    • University Council (approval)
  • Provost notifies the AAPC of BOT.
  • Provost notifies UNC-GA.
  • Upon acknowledgement from UNC-GA, Provost notifies Vice Provosts, Deans, Department Heads, and Executive Officers that the name is officially changed.