Standard Operating Procedures

Determining Student Location for Professional Licensure Notifications

Federal regulations require NC State University to directly notify students who are currently enrolled or wish to enroll in degree programs leading to licensure when the degree program does not meet licensure requirements in the state in which they are located or when a determination has not been made. The procedures outlined below define how the University determines student location to send these required notifications:

  1. Registration and Records maintains the University definition for Permanent Address (see Student Services Center – Student Addresses).
  2. The University collects a Permanent Address from all students at the time of their application.
  3. Students can update their Permanent Address at any time after admission to the University through MyPack Portal.
  4. For purposes of federal regulations relating to professional licensure, the University considers the location of an enrolled student as the State identified in the student’s Permanent Address at the time of enrollment, or upon any subsequent changes made to the Permanent Address by the student. For prospective students, the University considers a student’s location as the state identified in the student’s Permanent Address at the time of application.

Related Federal Regulations

34CFR 600.9c State Authorization of Distance Education

34 CFR 668.43(a)(5)(v) General notifications for programs leading to professional licensure or certification