Standard Operating Procedures

Awarding Or Removing Associate Faculty Status

Associate Faculty status is an option for faculty who receive all of their salary from one department but desire a more formal status in another department. Associate status should be sought only when it is desired by the faculty member, by the department in which he or she is to become an associate member (referred to in this procedure as the associate department), and by the Department Head of the home department.

  1. When a faculty member seeks or has been invited to receive Associate Faculty status, he or she should inform in writing his/her home Department Head and the Head of the associate department that approval of Associate Faculty status is being sought.
  2. The Department Head of the associate department should consult with department faculty; a suggested method of consultation is to provide the department faculty with the Curriculum Vita and description of the relationship that justifies associate status, i.e., why is this required rather than the typical collegial relationships that develop across colleges and departments. After an appropriate time period for review, the department faculty (equivalent to Departmental Voting Faculty (DVF) as defined for an equivalent initial hire) votes to approve the associate appointment either in a meeting or electronically.
  3. If the Department Head of the home department believes that the associate appointment will reduce the faculty member’s time or resources devoted to the department, he or she may seek approval of the appointment using the process above.
  4. The Head of the associate department will inform the faculty member and his or her home department of the appointment.
  5. Associate appointments may be terminated by the associate department upon request of the faculty member or by the associate department using the process described above.

September 23, 2010 approved by the Council of Deans and the Provost