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Use Of Professor Of Distinction Title With Emeritus Or Emerita Status

History: Created December 2012

Related Policies:
POL 05.20.02 Emeritus/Emerita Faculty Status for Faculty and Senior Administrators
REG 05.20.17 Professorships of Distinction

Following are the NC State Professors of Distinction titles, as designated in Regulation 05.20.17.

  1. ‘Name’ Distinguished Chair
  2. ‘Name’ Distinguished Professor
  3. Distinguished Professor
  4.  ‘Name’ Distinguished University Professor
  5. Distinguished University Professor
  6. ‘Name’ Professor (Grandfathered)
  7. ‘Name’ Term Professor

Only titles for 1-6 carry into emeritus/emerita status.  The Emeritus or Emerita titles are:

  1. ‘Name’ Distinguished Chair Emeritus/Emerita
  2. ‘Name’ Distinguished Professor Emeritus/Emerita
  3. Distinguished Professor Emeritus/Emerita
  4. ‘Name’ Distinguished University Professor Emeritus/Emerita
  5. Distinguished University Professor Emeritus/Emerita
  6. ‘Name’ Professor Emeritus/Emerita

As example, when a William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor retires, he/she becomes William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor Emeritus/Emerita.

Named Term Professorships are time limited and therefore do not carry into emeritus/emerita status.

The titles of Alumni Distinguished Professor, e.g., Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor and Alumni Distinguished Graduate, although very prestigious are not considered NC State Professors of Distinction. These are awarded for use “while appointed as a member of NC State’s faculty” only, so these titles do not carry into emeritus/emerita status.